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Hello internet! My name is Marlena. I’m a 27 year old plus size Afro-Latina trying to make a living after graduate school in my beloved New York City.

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Bullied by classmates and even family because of my weight, now in my late-twenties I’m finally learning to love myself. I loathed shopping trips and fashion because nothing I liked was ever in my size which of course led me to hate myself. From a young age I developed a warped sense of what is beautiful and who could be fashionable. I basically got the message that girls and women like me do not fashionably thrive, but survive. So if I wanted to have anything “nice” to wear it would only come after I lost a significant amount of weight.

It took a lot of work but I finally got to a place in my life that I no longer say, “when I lose 60 pounds I will…” once I realized that fashion, style and self-worth has nothing to do with size, or weight. There are things that work for me and others that don’t. Just because I am “big” doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything else out there for me.

Since then I’ve started embracing and experimenting with fashion trends as well as seeking out outfit inspiration online to expand my style. I’ve been following many plus size fashion bloggers since 2010 and I noticed that there was one voice missing in the plus size fashion blogger-sphere, one that dealt with the need for quality affordable fashion–mine.

birthday outfit

Affordability is important to me as I continuously work on getting my family out of poverty. In my short life I have been homeless twice (from age 6 to 16 and then for six months just two days after I received my Masters Degree in 2014), and I know how difficult it is to dress a plus size body when most pieces are out of reach due to limited sizes and high prices. It’s hard enough to make ends meet without having every purchase being a financial investment however, I have managed to create my own style even with a very small (and strict) budget and want to share what I’ve learned with anyone shares this struggle.

So I welcome you to my blog! Big City, Curvy Girl, Thin Wallet will serve as an outlet to discuss body positivity, showcase affordable fashion, and my continuing my body positive journey in hopes that it may inspire others to step out and do the same.

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For business and press inquiries as well as collaborations & partnerships, I can be reached via email at bigcitycurvygirlthinwallet@gmail.com

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