A Merry Christmas and a Cozy New Year

Of the gifts I received this Christmas my favorite has to be this cable knit poncho. The cherry blossom pink collaborated well with the plum of my medallion jeans that I got this fall at the Big Fat Flea.  While it is a bit big on my petite frame, that is all part of the over-sized style. It is comfy, warm and loose, perfect for a casual day or night out during the holidays.  This has been the welcome addition to my winter wardrobe this year as NYC has been mildly chilly lately making a heavy coat unnecessary. The brown Windsor boots from Avenue completed this laid back look by adding the right amount of edge to an overall soft feminine chic outfit.  Who says comfort can’t be in style? Continue reading

I Am Not THAT Big!

For most of my life my family influenced my negative view of my body and my fashion choices. Though I have begun to love my body, I suffered with insecurities linked to my size and body type which stemmed from microaggression. Through no longer direct, they are now akin to passive-aggressive implications than are directed at me via gifts, both store bought and hand made.  Allow me to elaborate with some recent examples.

Back in 2013 I lent my voice for the third time for my church’s rendition of G.F. Handel’s Messiah. The then director decided (at the last minute mind you) in a white top and black ankle length bottoms as the dress code for the night of the performance. As a rule I really didn’t own much white and due to the fact that I am a petite woman I (still) don’t own many things that are too long. I complained to my mother and my aunt, both who were also part of the choir, and said that I would be sitting out this year since I had nothing to wear. They both then took it upon themselves to go shopping for me. Being that I was in my third semester of graduate school and had a crazy finals schedule, I let them. Needless to say I was surprised when one weekend my aunt came over with a measuring tape declaring that she would be making my skirt. The only reason I agreed to this was because the concert was a week away and the fabric was gorgeous.


This picture does nothing for this skirt but take my word for it, the fabric is beautiful!

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