‘Tis the Season to… Manage Holiday Anxiety

Its no secret that once October rolls around I get on a holiday high. Yes, Halloween marks the start of the holiday season for me. Call me weird if you must, haha. Typically the holiday season for me is spent cleaning, reorganizing, shopping and decorating with some commitments with friends and family sprinkled into my already busy work schedule. It’s a lot! So you can see why I honestly I roll my eyes when I see articles about “How to Have a Stress and Anxiety-free Holiday” that are published once the season begins because realistically there really is no such thing. The best thing you can do is manage it so it doesn’t affect you as much. Which is why I decided to take some time to share 5 tips for managing holiday anxiety. I hope that it is helpful to those who may be struggling like I am right now.

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Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide

This holiday season has proven to be hectic with trying to balance work and everything else to the point that it became very difficult for me to even start my Christmas shopping when usually by this point I would be finished.  Even as I write this I only have one stocking stuffer to show for all my shopping efforts, and its not even for anyone on my list…I got it for me.  Anyway, here are some gifts ideas of things I found as I did some online shopping. If you like me are way behind in shopping, make sure to put in our orders as soon as you can, Christmas is next Friday! In an effort to finish the year on budget I’ve made sure that everything on this guide is $30 and under, minus shipping though many retailers seem to now be offering free shipping due to holiday rush so that cost shouldn’t be as bad as it usually is. Happy shopping! Continue reading