My Two Cents: Target’s Ava & Viv Review

Yesterday I got to finally see the Ava & Viv line at my neighborhood Target stores. Needless to say I was not impressed. For a company that claims they wish to improve their relationship with plus size customers they have gone about it the wrong way, using the very poor practices that got them negative criticism in the first place.


To start I was surprised that to find no promotions for the launch of the line save for blog posts by Chastity Garner of  Garnersyle, Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg of GabiFresh. To be honest I half expected Target to make the additional effort to air a look book style commercial for the line on television, if not the days leading to the launch at least the day before. Of course, there was nothing. To date there is only one video on the line and its blogger models which is ridiculous if you compare it to the three videos on the 2013 collection by Philip Lim. There was no hype surround the launch before, after or even during.* While I didn’t get a chance to get to Target on Sunday, February 22 to experience this for myself, I haven’t heard or seen anything that contradicts this point. It seems like Target’s new line is not something they are  proud of. Its much like that boyfriend who is dating a plus size girl and is making sure to keep it a secret because he is embarrassed. Sure Target claims it has no qualms with its plus size customers but they won’t associate themselves with us much, they just want to make sure we continue to patronize there stores.

That said let’s take a look at what Target is (currently) offering with this Ava & Viv line. Continue reading

V-day Neutral

vday bct

Dolman cold sleeve blouse : Avenue | Plaid belted pencil skirt: Dressbarn  | Taupe wedges: Avenue

Valentine’s day is all about love in general, not just romantic love. Though I’ll admit that sometimes I get a bit down at the fact that another Valentine’s day had come and I don’t have a Valentine to call my own but I always remember that I have a great family and awesome friends that I love and cherish. So I spent yesterday at church for the most part with said loved ones. It was the most relaxing way to spend the day, which considering the absolute craziness of the week I had, was a major payoff.  I didn’t have a date and I actually didn’t miss it. (I did miss the chocolate though but I will be getting some on sale today. Yay!)  More than anything I think  its more important to love yourself. You don’t have to dress up for someone, dress up for yourself! Pull out that awesome dress and heels. Be it on Valentine’s day or everyday, celebrate you!

Outfit notes: Though many people I know put down major dollars towards an actual Valentine’s Day outfit, I consider that unnecessary (unless you have plans for an evening out at some ritzy place, then by all means go for it). For my V-day outfit this year I used pieces I already owned in a new way. The cream dolman sleeve blouse was something I got by chance a little more than two years ago at the Avenue liquidation sale at their former  Queens Place store. It it one of the most comfortable and flattering formal-wear pieces I own. As for the plum and taupe plaid belted skirt, it was the only “new” piece I used, by which I mean it was a recent purchase but by no means “new” as it was part of Dressbarn’s fall collection. It is so far my favorite purchase of the year being that it flatters my figure and accents the smallest part of my waist. The plum and taupe plaid pattern criss-crosses  in such a way that a gave it a warm burgundy feel. This month makes people think of red, and pink so my neutral colored outfit may not scream Valentine’s day but I felt great in it. Self love and confidence trumps everything!  

Rose Red

red as rose

Roll Sleeve Blouse and Quilted Skater Skirt: Fashion to Figure | Bowler bag: ALDO Accessories (similar here) | Heels: Avenue Cloudwalkers (similar here)

Even with my crazy Friday work schedule I managed to sneak in a quick trip to the Fashion to Figure office in the city for their sample sale. This was my first sample sale so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was not disappointed as I got some awesome pieces for a steal. (Fortunately I was hard pressed for time otherwise I probably would have bought everything. $10 for a Boyfriend Blazer Vest?! Mine!)

This black quilted skater skirt is the first one I’ve ever tried on and liked. It is knee length which makes it appropriate enough for work and the pockets make it both functional and practical for more casual wear. The roll sleeve blouse fits as though it was designed specifically for me. The sleeves accommodate my thick arms without any problems and the gold accents just add a level of muted sophistication that make accessorizing unnecessary.

This outfit actually came together at the sale as fellow shoppers suggested that I pair these two pieces together. If there is one thing I can say about plus size fashion events is that you meet some very nice people who genuinely love fashion as much as you do and are quick to give you tips.  I recommend attending one if you can, like the Big Fat Flea or NY Curvy Closet  to see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

This post was not sponsored by Fashion to Figure.