When the 5-Year Plan is No Where to Be Seen

Since graduating from college there as been one question that I’ve been faced with, whether at  family events or networking receptions and of course job interviews. That question being,  “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?/What is your five year plan?”. In retrospect this is an absurd question as everyone’s  path meanders, sometimes even far away from what you initially studied in college and/or graduate school, especially in this day and age. It then should come as no surprise that one can easily begin to dread this question when you really have no answer.

My daily planners for the last 5 years, (the gold one on the far right is my current planner) each distinct and full of different projects and plans based on that period in my life.

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Job Interview Bag Essentials

As you are now well aware, I was laid off before the holidays and have since been going into the city for some job interviews. Although an interview outfit post is soon coming, I also wanted to share what is in my bag and my current interview bag essentials. I should note that this list of items are a bit winter specific in some cases and that I omitted the obvious such as my cell phone, keys and wallet. Take a look! Continue reading