Tied with a Red Bow

In my family dressing up is primarily reserved for two major holidays, Easter and Christmas day. Its a tradition that is easily traceable in the family albums and continues to this day. (Though thankfully my brother and I do not dress the same anymore…at least not on purpose.) Recently I turned to these albums to get me into the Christmas mood, but I ended up getting some holiday fashion inspiration from my younger self instead. So for this second holiday look, I aged up one of my favorite childhood holiday outfits.


Christmas 1994

First I replaced the ruffled white blouse with this striped off the shoulder ribbed sweater.  My favorite things about this sweater is the fact that not only can it be dressed up or down, but  it is thick enough to keep you warm while yet also light enough that you won’t over heat while singing keyboard karaoke at your office party. What you can’t see too well in the above photo is the gold medallion on the toe of my Mary Janes, but I made sure to incorporate that into this look as well with a thin gold belt. I also traded up to my suede wedges that  gave me the height and sophistication that  I wanted. 20161213_095341

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Black Friday 2016 Wishlist

One welcome part of the holiday season truly are the sales. From scoring items from last season at a steal to stocking up looks for upcoming office parties and family gatherings,  this truly is the time of year for those of us on a tight budget. So whether you’re looking to add to your closet or even find some nice presents for your BFF,  I figured it would be great to share some of the many Black Friday sales you should really look out for this weekend. In this list I’m also sharing some of my current favorites that I think are worth your consideration as you shop.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which help me earn a small commission when you buy an item, which in turn helps me continue to bring new posts.  Thank you for supporting the blog!

Society Plus – 40%  Off Everything

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My Current (Affordable) Spring Favorites

While I continue to write the finishing touches for upcoming installments of  +Size Matters, I decided to share some of my favorite pieces from various plus size spring collections online. I got to say that I am really loving the coral and mint colors that are clearly this seasons favorites as well as the new takes on some old prints and textures like florals, denim, crochet and chambray. The best part about this list is that these same pieces can carry over into summer be it for a day out with the family or time in the office and it is budget-friendly as everything on this list is less than $40 (minus shipping.) Happy shopping!

Handbags & Totes

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