V-day Neutral

vday bct

Dolman cold sleeve blouse : Avenue | Plaid belted pencil skirt: Dressbarn  | Taupe wedges: Avenue

Valentine’s day is all about love in general, not just romantic love. Though I’ll admit that sometimes I get a bit down at the fact that another Valentine’s day had come and I don’t have a Valentine to call my own but I always remember that I have a great family and awesome friends that I love and cherish. So I spent yesterday at church for the most part with said loved ones. It was the most relaxing way to spend the day, which considering the absolute craziness of the week I had, was a major payoff.  I didn’t have a date and I actually didn’t miss it. (I did miss the chocolate though but I will be getting some on sale today. Yay!)  More than anything I think  its more important to love yourself. You don’t have to dress up for someone, dress up for yourself! Pull out that awesome dress and heels. Be it on Valentine’s day or everyday, celebrate you!

Outfit notes: Though many people I know put down major dollars towards an actual Valentine’s Day outfit, I consider that unnecessary (unless you have plans for an evening out at some ritzy place, then by all means go for it). For my V-day outfit this year I used pieces I already owned in a new way. The cream dolman sleeve blouse was something I got by chance a little more than two years ago at the Avenue liquidation sale at their former  Queens Place store. It it one of the most comfortable and flattering formal-wear pieces I own. As for the plum and taupe plaid belted skirt, it was the only “new” piece I used, by which I mean it was a recent purchase but by no means “new” as it was part of Dressbarn’s fall collection. It is so far my favorite purchase of the year being that it flatters my figure and accents the smallest part of my waist. The plum and taupe plaid pattern criss-crosses  in such a way that a gave it a warm burgundy feel. This month makes people think of red, and pink so my neutral colored outfit may not scream Valentine’s day but I felt great in it. Self love and confidence trumps everything!