2015 — New Year, New Things to Try

It seems fitting to start this blog out with a list of “must try”-s for 2015. The past two years saw the complete overhaul of my closet to include such staples as scarves, skinny jeans and blazers; things that I love and can not remember how I got along without them. So in an effort to continue this growth I think it is time to embrace some trends, while make them my own of course. That is why these are the top 8 things hope to try in 2015.

1. The “Fat”-kini

I am 24 years old and in my lifetime I have only owned about 4 bathing suits ever. (I am sad to say that I still own my bathing suit from middle school because it still manages to hold “the girls” and cover what I consider the more problematic parts of my body.) Part of this had to do with the fact that I hated swim suit shopping. If you notice 5 years ago there still wasn’t much in terms of opinions in swim wear above a size 12 so this should come as no surprise. I always say that I do not have a summer body. Winter and Fall, those are my seasons, but summer, we’re not even casual acquaintances let alone friends.

Considering it snowed two days ago it may be a little too early to be thinking about summer but this is something that is really exciting for me.  I fell in love with this pink and black piece from Forever 21+ last year but due to my lack of funds (and courage) I ended up not getting it.

forever 21 bikini

For this year’s Forever 21+ swimsuit options, click here.

But this year I am finally going to take the plunge, literally, with my new pink bikini from the Gabifresh Swim Sexy collection. I am already counting the days for the arrival of the package.

gabifresh bikini

You still have time to pre-order a suit from the collection. Click here and good luck choosing one…or two.

2. Crop tops

This follows along the same lines as the “fat”-kini. I have been a size 14/16 since my senior year in high school and even prior to that I have had issues with my weight and body shape. I have not shown my arms or my mid-section in public for years and while I am still not too comfortable, I believe that this is the year to step out and try it.

crop top

Youtheary Khmer | Viva Collection 2014

This past summer I took advantage of the Pop Up Plus boutique sale in the city and scored some really good pieces that I have yet to wear. One of those pieces include a crochet crop top by Youtheary Khmer that I had been eyeing for months. I believe that this piece is a bold choice for my trying of this trend but as my best friend likes to say, “go bold or go home.”

3. High waist pants/shorts

I  decided to give high waist pants a chance mostly because of the aforementioned crop top. Initially I had thought that I was making a great mistake by buying it, but a group of my fellow shoppers told me that I should pair the top with some high waist jeans. Considering it was an interesting battle to get me to try skinny jeans four years ago, which brought on some interesting results such as my refusal to wear anything but skinny jeans from then on, I believe it is worth a shot to give this style a chance.

4. Knee high boots

I know I am not the only plus size woman who has ever wanted to own a pair of knee high boots only to find that their calves don’t fit. After going without for years I finally got not one but TWO pairs of knee high boots! It was like finding the holy grail after years of searching, so worth the wait. Though I have only worn the boots once since their purchase, I hope to incorporate them more into my wardrobe.

5. Rompers/Playsuits

What I love about rompers/playsuits are the fact that they can be dressed up or down with the use of accessories, Added to the fact that they seem to be really comfortable for those warm spring and summer days, I am completely on-board for adding at least two to my summer wardrobe.

6. Sleeveless…anything

Though I kind of already did this last summer with a dress that I purchased at the Pop Up Plus NY sale, I believe that I need to push myself a bit more before I can officially cross this off the list. For a while now I have made a point to cover my arms with the notion that I am maintaining an air of modesty in doing so, yet when it gets to 100 degrees and I am sweating bullets that idea should be chucked out of the nearest open window. Hopefully 2015 will be the year when I finally put a stop to this torture and give my arms a chance to enjoy the sun too.

So what are your new year’s fashion resolutions? What are you looking forward to trying this year and what trend do you love the most?

9 thoughts on “2015 — New Year, New Things to Try

      • Zadry | Curves a la Mode says:

        I’m 5’2 so that’s my problem too. I’m eyeing the jumpsuits on eshakti since they allow you to modify your clothes based on your height. I have that problem with most maxi dresses also. But the one I bought from them is pure perfection! They’re a shirt girl’s dream. Lol


      • Marlena says:

        I didn’t even know that Eshakti now carried jumpsuits. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂 Once they introduce some with some florals or prints I will totally invest in one, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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