Falling For Something Old Made New

Fall weather has finally made it to New York City and what better way is there to enjoy the cooler weather than in a vintage cape. The cape is actually a gift from my great aunt who moved back to Panama in July and I have been waiting anxiously for a chance to wear it ever since. It is such a great “old world” piece, reminiscent of military fashion with its high textured velvet collar, double breasted buttons and braided frog closures. The wool fabric makes it perfect for this unpredictable transitional weather, yet I figure with the right gloves I may actually be able to wear it during the much expected freezing winter. Continuing within the vein of the cape’s classic style, I curated a vintage-inspired look by remixing both old and new pieces from my closet.
20151015_181531 (2)20151015_181436 (5)I very seldom wear bright colors which is primarily a carry over of my teenage insecurity that bold hues would draw (negative) attention to my size. Black continues to make up the majority of my work wardrobe, but I have made the effort to introduce as much color (and print) as I can.  This is why it didn’t take much for my best friend to convince me to purchase this peplum blouse this past summer (a steal at the Fashion to Figure sample sale – only $3!). The orange-red addition to this otherwise monochromatic outfit provided a great pop of color that really brings it all together.
20151015_181203 (2) 20151015_18000320151015_181148 (3)

This season has bought the return of tie-neck blouses and though I have yet to actually buy one, due to lack of shopping funds at the moment, I decided to recreate the pussy bow style with one of my velvet hair ribbons. The texture difference between scuba and velvet is truly what made this look unique though simple.

20151015_175509_002 (3)20151015_175712 (2)

~Get the look~

Techno High Low Peplum Top| Fashion to Figure (similar here, here and here)
Cape | Thrifted  (similar herehere and here)
Faux-Leather Drawstring Soft Pant| New York & Company ( similar here)
Striped Blouse| Jones New York (similar here and here)

Style notes: I paired the top with my NY&Co drawstring soft pants to draw emphasis to the flare of the peplum. I also must confess that the length and flow of the cape made me feel like I was wearing wizard/witch robes for a day; very fitting for Halloween season. Ravenclaw FTW! 

Many thanks to my friend and co-worker, Alexia Rose for these beautiful pictures. 

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