2015 Affordable Winter Coat List – Colorful Style Edition

Two years ago I was on the subway platform at 34th street- Madison Square Garden waiting for the E train home. As I waited a young woman,who seemed to be about a year or two older than I was, . She had this gorgeous magneta double breasted wool coat that I immediately coveted. (Forgive me Jesus, lol!) It was just the kind of piece I wanted to own, especially  I had become tired of the shapeless black, charcoal and heather grey coats that are typically offered to plus size women. Her coat was just too nice for me to just stand by admiring it in silence, so I took a deep breath as I walked up to tell her that I loved her coat  and ask where she got it. She did a very quick yet obvious head to toe scan of me with her eyes, and said, “It doesn’t fit you, ” then proceeded to walk down the platform away from me. I suppose she thought my fat was contagious, nevertheless, not to be undone by the experience I made a point to seek out the coat for myself. It has been a full two years and I still haven’t found it online or in store, but I keep a look out it while enjoying the colorful coat cuts and styles that have slowly begun to emerge in plus size fashion with the aim to be seen, and not hidden.

With that in mind, I present to you this year’s winter coat list, focused entirely on warm, original colorful style. The best part is that every piece on this list is less than $100 which is perfect if you are looking to buy a new coat while sticking to a strict holiday gift shopping budget. Happy shopping!

Ashley Stewart

Woman Within


Fashion to Figure


Jessica London

Although this list includes links,  please don’t disregard visiting brick and mortar retail locations, they often have many styles that are not available for purchase online. I speak from experience as I did manage to score a very nice Jessica Simpson Double Breasted Envelope Collar Basket Weave coat in emerald green last year just by walking around in Burlington Coat Factory while doing some light Christmas shopping with my mother (for more than 40% off its retail cost, no less).

Style notes: While conducting my searches online to compile this list it became quite obvious that the trends for this year are blue, reds and fuchsia, however, while the colors seem repetitive they do appear in different fabrics and cuts which means that we are finally heading into the direction of gaining greater options. I just hope that they will become more affordable as well. 

Which one is your favorite? Have you gone shopping for a new coat recently? What do you look for in a winter coat?

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