Christmas Shopping Guide : Everyday Fangirl Chic (Part 1)

It’s no secret that I am a huge anime, manga, and comic fangirl. Now as an adult, and an emerging professional in a very serious field I have found it difficult to express this interest within my daily life, though not impossible. I should point out that I have no shame, I am very upfront about the things I enjoy, however, even I know that going to work in full cosplay is not exactly something you can get away with at work. With the holiday season now upon us I thought it would be nice to start my gift guide series with some geek-chic. Whether you’re shopping for a friend or just looking to treat yourself, here are just a few affordable fangirl gifts that also are chic enough for everyday use. Happy shopping!

Note: For  this list I decided to focus on anime and manga fandoms but the upcoming second part to this guide will include pop culture, western animation and video game fandoms. 

Compact Beauty Mirrors & Makeup 

Earlier this year I shared a look that I based around a Sailor Moon compact that I always carry with me in my small makeup bag. Everyone needs a beauty makeup mirror so why not have one that combines fandom with beauty. (The Cosmic Heart and Crystal Star Compacts are also available.)


Lip Balm Prism – much like Endymion’s golden crystal from Sailor Moon

Jewelry & Hair accessories

I really don’t wear much jewelry but I have found that this is truly the easiest way to incorporate fandom in a subtle way. From pieces that evoke character items like  Sailor Jupiter’s Oak Wreath Crown to actual recreations of  items that are used by you favorite characters.

Faux Gem Ear Cuff

Faux Gem Ear Cuff – design is reminiscent of Fai’s staff from Tsubasa


When it comes to actual clothing and fandom one thing that comes to mind are t-shirts. I have nothing against a nice graphic tee yet its a bit predictable. There is a kind of skill that goes into closet cosplay that I have yet to achieve which is why I for one like adding pieces that indirectly reference characters or stories, like these rose sequin patches that has a design very similar to the earrings Makoto Kino wears in the Sailor Moon manga and these paint splatter jeans that look that cherry blossoms, a reoccurring element in both manga and anime

Handbags,  and Umbrellas

When it comes to fandom, functional items are the last things that come to mind. If you’re anything like me I love  a nice handbag.  As a woman you kind of need one to hold all of your stuff  yet they are a nice statement piece that can make an outfit. While this Artemis inspired shoulder bag is made of leather, its playful charms are a best  for casual days out than for the office  And in keeping with this idea of functional fandom pieces, nothing beats a cute umbrella that not only fits in your bag but also helps you stick out from the crowd.

Lastly,  another great way to shop for your manga and anime fangirl is getting a Loot Crate subscription. Make sure to check them out, they have new fandom collectibles, apparel and other goodies every month for a low monthly fee.

What are your some of your favorite fandoms?

I will be posting holiday shopping guides for the next few days, so feel free to share with me the types of friends and/or family members that you are shopping for that you like to see included in one of these guides.

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