Sweet Pink and Gray Floral Plaid

20170116_135208-2It’s only the third week of this new year and so much has happened in this short amount of time.  For one thing, this blog has officially turned two but I’ve also started a new job.  As of last week I am a part of the Dia&Co. team!. If you are not aware,  Dia&Co. is an online personal styling service for plus size women sizes 14-32. You create an online profile outlining our preferences in style and fit. A stylist then styles of box for you with a selection of five pieces that is then mailed to your home where you get to try them on, keep what you like and return what you don’t want. I love the fact that I get to work for a body positive mission-focused employer that seeks to empower women through fashion. After having spent the beginning of last year of being unemployed and subsequently juggling four part time jobs by the end, I’m super excited for to see what this year holds for me professionally.

20170116_1349350When it comes to dressing for the office, be it for work or for a work interview, I usually stay traditional, wearing black. Part of  the reason behind this decision is that it is a New Yorker thing, but more importantly its safe.  However, as the office dress code is business casual and even encourages trying new things, when my first day at work came I decided to go on a different route– with this bright pastel floral plaid pattern skirt as it is such a unique combination that creates visual interest.  (I should point out that this skirt is currently on sale for less than $6!)

20170116_135728I paired the skirt with this charcoal gray turtleneck to add a level of subtle sophistication to the overall look.  Although many people consider turtlenecks to only to be a security blanket for those preoccupied with hiding, it is a versatile piece which is great for layering and with the right accessories can creates a very refined look. The gray of my turtleneck went well with the teal-gray tone of my new satchel handbag. Satchels aren’t normally a handbag style that I use because of the small size, but I fell in love with the unique color and shape. It is the perfect size to keep me from overpacking my bag as I tend to do and I really like the various compartments that it has for organization. Even better, due to the magic of after-Christmas sales and gift cards I scored this bag for a deal at only $14.20170116_140257-2 20170116_135917-3

~Get the look~

Charcoal Heather Gray Turtleneck  | Old (similar here)

Topeka Plaid and Floral Skirt (size 1) | Fashion to Figure

Lionel Teal Fiona Satchel | Marshalls (similar here and here)

   Rogue Baxter Lace-up Boots | Rainbow (similar here)


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