Vegetables for dessert? (Review of Peekaboo Ice Cream)

If you were to ask anyone that knows me well, I’m not a huge fan of zucchini, tomatoes or carrots. In fact the only way I eat these is by force (thanks mother) or if its mixed into my food without my noticing it, which is why Peekaboo Ice Cream intrigued me. But ice cream and vegetables, together? 

I know that when I first shared Peekaboo on my Instagram stories it seemed the very idea of this grossed people out, so let’s just get one thing out of the way : you can’t taste or see the added vegetables and its delicious.  There aren’t  huge chunks of broccoli, and carrots in it as the vegetables are pureed into the ice cream mix. And you would think that this would cause the ice cream to have a different consistency, yet its just as creamy, and thick as your average carton of Haagen-Dazs, just less sweet. 

Disclaimer: These items were gifted to me for review but my opinions are my own.

I did get to try the Strawberry/Carrot, Cookie Dough/Zucchini and the Birthday Cake/Zucchini for this review. Of the three I have to say that the Cookie Dough/Zucchini was surprisedly my favorite, though that probably has do to with the chunks of chocolate and cookie dough in it, hahaha. As for the other two flavors I received, they were pretty good as well. The Organic Unicorn Birthday Cake flavor even with the purple streaks felt more like basic vanilla to me, which wasn’t bad, it just was unexpected.  As for the Strawberry flavor, it tasted very organic to me, by which I mean it had strawberry bits in it and I personally love when fruit-based desserts have bits of the actual fruit in it.

I give Peekaboo major points because their ice cream got me to willingly re-introduce zucchini back into my system after years of my intentionally keeping away from the  vegetable.  So if you have kids that are picky eaters like me (I’m an adult, I swear!) when it comes to eating their vegetables,  I think this would be a great way to make sure that they don’t skip out on the nutrients they need.

For the record, I’m not saying that you can completely replace eating vegetables with ice cream, I mean the strawberry/carrot flavor is about  170 calories with 16g of sugar per serving, which is half of the cup. But this is a neat way to get nutrients like Vitamin C, Riboflavin, and Phosphorus that you’d otherwise wouldn’t get by avoiding certain vegetables. That being said, most of what Peekaboo offers isn’t lactose-free, however there are two new dairy-free sorbet options that they’ve introduced that you could try if you are lactose intolerant. 

Just a heads up though, it’s organic so its priced much like other organic food options out there, making this a bit more expensive than your average ice cream. So far I haven’t been able to find Peekaboo  at my local supermarket but it should be available at your local Target or Whole Foods, or you can purchase some online here. Having tried these three flavors I must admit that I am intrigued to try some more – specifically the Mint Chocolate Chip with Spinach and Cotton Candy with Hidden Beet as I’ve heard some really good things about those.

Overall, I give Peekaboo Ice Cream a 9/10.  They lose one point for not being able to make it so I can completely replace eating zucchini with ice cream, but its not entirely their fault; the science just isn’t there yet. Anyways, definitely give this a try even if you love to get your servings of vegetables the regular way.

Have you tried Peekaboo Ice Cream yet? If you haven’t, do you think you’d give it a chance?










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