Inside the Fitting Room: Target’s New Line – Wild Fable

I was getting ready to leave the office to head straight home for the weekend when I spotted an ad for the new line on Instagram. I scrolled through a couple items on my phone and ultimately decided to stop by Target by my apartment before heading home. What makes this line very special is that for the very first time Target decided to make every piece available in plus sizes. This is major as this is coming from a brand that at one point had no plus sizes available in store or online for a solid  2 years back in 2010. I greatly appreciate the fact that everything in this new size inclusive fashion line (sizes range from 0 to 26W) is quite affordable with everything from clothes and accessories being just under $40.

Took 10 items with me to the fitting room, only 5 were winners this time around.

While the plus size items are  hung in the space as the straight sizes, I should note one sad reality – a great number of these aren’t available in store so once again we are forced to do most of our shopping online. In following the line’s launch on social media, I noticed that some stores have more items available in plus than others so if you are dead set on trying things on before buying (like I am) get ready to travel to multiple Target locations. That said, I did try on some items from the straight size section that had some stretch and found that they fit just fine. Continue reading

Making Straight Sizes Werk


Shopping in general can be a very frustrating and draining experience, even more so when you attempt to do so in the straight sizes, however it doesn’t have to be. I think the key to shopping the straight size section is really not getting too focused on size. What I mean is, if you find something you like, try it on. If it fits, go for it and make it werk! But if it doesn’t fit, it really isn’t the end of the world, after all that is where the fun begins. When I find something I really like in the straight sizes that doesn’t fit I start to look into how I can recreate it. Sometimes that means getting creative with separates to recreate a dress or focusing my shopping efforts to find something very similar in retailers that carry my size. And I should note that I do the same thing for plus size pieces that I can’t afford. In fact, I have found that this shopping tactic helps keep my spending in check as I only spend what funds I have on something specific rather than being solely driven by impulse, which is not to say that doesn’t happen; as was the case with this statement top. Continue reading