Inside the Fitting Room: Target’s New Line – Wild Fable

I was getting ready to leave the office to head straight home for the weekend when I spotted an ad for the new line on Instagram. I scrolled through a couple items on my phone and ultimately decided to stop by Target by my apartment before heading home. What makes this line very special is that for the very first time Target decided to make every piece available in plus sizes. This is major as this is coming from a brand that at one point had no plus sizes available in store or online for a solid  2 years back in 2010. I greatly appreciate the fact that everything in this new size inclusive fashion line (sizes range from 0 to 26W) is quite affordable with everything from clothes and accessories being just under $40.

Took 10 items with me to the fitting room, only 5 were winners this time around.

While the plus size items are  hung in the space as the straight sizes, I should note one sad reality – a great number of these aren’t available in store so once again we are forced to do most of our shopping online. In following the line’s launch on social media, I noticed that some stores have more items available in plus than others so if you are dead set on trying things on before buying (like I am) get ready to travel to multiple Target locations. That said, I did try on some items from the straight size section that had some stretch and found that they fit just fine.

Black Strappy Sheer Mesh Dress (XL)

For the record I would never consider walking around with just this sheer dress, a bra and my black Undersummers but I really do think that this a very edgy yet sweet accent piece. Personally, I would love to pair this with a white t-shirt dress as the color contrast would work really well together yet I can totally see this easily paired with a white tee and jeans as well.

Blush Floral Short Sleeve Collared Button-down Dress (2X)

I know everyone is going crazy for the clearly “Clueless” inspired items but I actually loved the more subtle nods to the 90’s like this dress. The print, the color and the oversized fit just screamed “Blossom” to me. All I need is a denim jacket and a floppy hat accented with a flower. The material is light enough for summer but I can also see this styled as a transition piece from summer to fall.

Black Long sleeve mesh rushed front top (XXL) | Violet Plaid Cropped Shirt Jacket (1X) | Violet Plaid Mini Skirt With Zippers (2X)

One thing this line has a lot of is set pieces and after coveting a set all summer I knew I just had to try one of these.  I paired the violet plaid set with this a mock turtleneck top with an adjustable tie that you can use to make the front shorter if you wish. I picked up the top for the sole purpose of trying on the set since I had worn a dress that day but  it really does work well with it so I actually bought it to wear with the skirt.  Both the jacket and the skirt do not have any stretch though I did find the jacket to be roomy enough for my arms and bust. Points to Target for getting arm width right! Lastly, the weight of this plaid material is perfect for fall so you can bet that I will be wearing this set once the weather finally cools down a bit.

Black Floral Short Sleeve Smocked Top Romper (XL)

I LOVE this romper! For one thing the material is light so it can be worn in this hot and humid summer weather we have been having. I’ve heard rumors that the plus size version of this romper does not have pockets like the straight size does but I’m hoping that is just hearsay. Because of the smocked top and the roomy short bottom I do suggest sizing down for a better fit.

After trying these items I have to say that sizing does seem to be a little inconsistent so I highly recommend either aiming to shop in store or at least sizing up in those pieces that have no stretch to them like the plaid sets. Because of the sizing issues I am currently on the hunt for these 4 items below specifically in store so I can try them on before purchasing them. Granted I could order them online, however I hate having to deal with things like exchanges and returns so if I will go out of my way to avoid it as much as I can.

(In my head I have this idea of pairing the faux leather leggings and the red oversized blazer with a lace up front bralette I got from Torrid a couple of months ago that I have yet to style and wear. It may be a bit “much” considering the zipper front of the leggings but I still kind of want to try.)

At the moment of my writing this blog post  some of the items have already out of stock in plus and I’m hoping that this works as a bit of welcome call for Target to finally make the move to including their plus size offerings in store. Anyway, as I’ve already mentioned, most of the pieces do have a bit of stretch so if your local Target doesn’t have many plus items from the line, don’t walk away from the straight size section without considering it.  Wild Fable already holds great promise and I can’t wait to see what else they bring once we enter the fall and winter.

Have you shopped this new line yet? What are your thoughts on this initial launch?

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