2017 FFFWeek Day 4 – White Party Cruise

While I took the week off to attend many of the events at Full Figured Fashion Week  I did it knowing that I wouldn’t be able to afford to attend the two major signature events, one being the All White Party. Needless to say it was a pleasant surprise and an honor to be given the chance to attend the cruise for the very first time. (Major thanks to Lisa of Mustang Sally Two!)  The “Curves At Sea All White Party” is well known for being the hottest ticket on the FFFWeek event schedule with people even flying in from other countries just to attend.  Brooke and I were so excited we arrived at the pier no less than a full hour before the suggested early arrival time. It worked out for the best though since it gave us time to do a mini shoot by the pier before boarding the ship.

Only Brooke could look like a Goth Goddess in white.

Feeling cute in white summer lace and gold.

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Shopping Without Spending A Dime

With the move seven months ago I received the gift of the holy grail — a closet! I know for many people in the world this is nothing to be excited about, but for me this was the best thing to happen to me since learning how to manage my naturally curly hair. Having a closet has opened a world of organization that I could only simulate in my old apartment and has also given me a sense of financial and fashion accountability I really didn’t have before.

I’m a clothes hoarder. It’s a fact, which is why I can admit it so easily.  I have more clothes and shoes than I care to admit, due to my former habit of buying anything and everything that managed to fit my plus size frame. I have also kept most of my high school clothes which actually makes up the bulk of my wardrobe. It is worth noting that I have been out of high school for seven years now. Clearly I have lost track of what I was keeping and have to cut some ties with my past.


This is actually less than half of what I currently own….

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