Shopping Without Spending A Dime

With the move seven months ago I received the gift of the holy grail — a closet! I know for many people in the world this is nothing to be excited about, but for me this was the best thing to happen to me since learning how to manage my naturally curly hair. Having a closet has opened a world of organization that I could only simulate in my old apartment and has also given me a sense of financial and fashion accountability I really didn’t have before.

I’m a clothes hoarder. It’s a fact, which is why I can admit it so easily.  I have more clothes and shoes than I care to admit, due to my former habit of buying anything and everything that managed to fit my plus size frame. I have also kept most of my high school clothes which actually makes up the bulk of my wardrobe. It is worth noting that I have been out of high school for seven years now. Clearly I have lost track of what I was keeping and have to cut some ties with my past.


This is actually less than half of what I currently own….

Early last week I took it upon myself to take inventory of what I already own. Granted it was a very long and tedious process, but necessary. For most of my life I haven’t been a summer lover, so my summer wardrobe is sorely lacking  and this process has helped me figure out what I need for this season.  As of today I managed to go through my entire winter wardrobe, as well as half of my spring/summer wardrobe, removing pieces that I have outgrown stylistically. I intend to donate these pieces along with those that no longer fit properly.

PicMonkey Collage shopping closet

Some of these still have tags!

As someone who has had to freeze their shopping budget this summer due to being “unemployed” at the moment,  (oh the life of an adjunct instructor) I have found this to be the best alternative to retail shopping. This project got me to discover some pieces that I can tailor and remix with recent purchases, including the top that you see me wearing in the above photos.   I can’t wait to show you what else I have found, as I  re-introduce these forgotten pieces into my daily wardrobe from now on.

So before you head out to the store, take a look at what you already have. You’d be surprised at the things hiding in the back of your closet. And if you don’t find anything in your closet that you can remix and make new, consider shopping someone else’s! Two (NYC) plus size shopping events that let you do just that are NY Curvy Closet and The Big Fat Flea.  What I love about these events is that not only do you get to shop great pieces for amazingly budget-friendly prices, but you get to meet some amazing people; people who encourage you and empower you in a society bent on crushing the body positive movement.  I didn’t get to the NY Curvy Closet last year so I can’t wait to see what is in store for this year.

 Happy (closet) shopping ladies! 
eventbrite pic


big fat flea


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