+Size Matters : Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls by Jess Baker

This is a very short video because the book is fantastic as it is so I don’t feel that I have to go on and on about this work, though I could. I am glad that I took the time to read this when I did and I hope that this video motivates you to buy a copy of the book and to share it with someone. It is definitely a “Must-Read” even if you are not plus size. So if you are thin, I know that the book says “Fat girls” but believe me, you too will appreciate this book. I bought bunch of copies for my friends as gifts for this Christmas just to make sure that Jess Baker’s message spreads as far as it can because it really needs to. (I guess you could say that my shopping started super late this year but it was really easy.) Continue reading

+Size Matters : My Mad Fat Diary

So last spring I was focusing on my master’s exam and my 30 page paper that goes along with it. This is a choice that you can make to avoid writing a full length thesis and is supposedly easier, but really isn’t. Anyway, I started a studying regime in which I would study, study, study then rest, followed by more studying and writing. It was a pretty hectic time, yet it was during one of those “treat/rest sessions,” that I went onto Tumblr and was exposed to a show that would change everything. I follow a blogger on Tumblr, whose username is Ursula The Sea Bitch, and she had posted gifs labelled Finn and Rae. I was surprised to see a female plus-sized character actually have a romantic interest who is “conventionally attractive.” Without even knowing anything else about the show I immediately liked her post.  A couple days later she posted  another gif set that included the title, My Mad Fat Diary. Continue reading