+Size Matters : Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls by Jess Baker

This is a very short video because the book is fantastic as it is so I don’t feel that I have to go on and on about this work, though I could. I am glad that I took the time to read this when I did and I hope that this video motivates you to buy a copy of the book and to share it with someone. It is definitely a “Must-Read” even if you are not plus size. So if you are thin, I know that the book says “Fat girls” but believe me, you too will appreciate this book. I bought bunch of copies for my friends as gifts for this Christmas just to make sure that Jess Baker’s message spreads as far as it can because it really needs to. (I guess you could say that my shopping started super late this year but it was really easy.)

My next video will be the Shrek +Size Matters review that I have been working on. Originally I was going to just look at the first movie but I decided to do all four and maybe the specials, I’m not sure yet. The reason I am presenting that particular review as a video is because there are a few things I want to show from the film in action that I don’t think I can do with a written blog post. This is going to be my first video blog post of the new year though it won’t be posted ob January 1st, it will be up soon. I also plan to do a couple of more posts before the end of the year so keep a look out for that.

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New Fat vs. Old Fat with Sarah Rae Vargas and Kendall Rae – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhGrmDbQwds

Grab your copy of the book over on Amazon.com or your neighborhood Barnes & Noble.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Whether or not we are conscious of it, what we consume as entertainment has a great impact on our personal growth and identity. In many cases media literacy has been dismissed to be unnecessary, yet the truth remains that media influences social ideals and constructs of such concepts as gender, race and body ideals. Disregarding the significance of media in turn promotes the continuation of stereotypes and fosters a negative self-image especially in girls and women. Critical media consumption aids the fight against the over-sexualization, and under-representation of women, that can lead to the creation of works that aid female empowerment. It all starts with us. With that in mind, “+ Size Matters” will analyze past and present plus size representation in media as doing so sheds light on the beauty/body standards and stereotypes that still need to be broken.

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