24 Hours In Queens, New York with Eventbrite

New York City. The so called “center of the world” is the place I call home.  As much as I love “the city” (aka Manhattan), Queens has my heart, having been born and raised in this borough. Queens truly is the unsung part of the city though parts of it is now being developed into hipster-villes much like Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Nevertheless,  Queens has a lot to offer, you just have to take a closer look. Here is just one way that you can spend a day in my fair hometown. On this list of recommendations you will find places that are both enjoyable and affordable so that you can get the most out of your visit. Continue reading

Summer Lights

There is nothing better than unplanned and spontaneous time with friends, especially in the summer. This week the weather in NYC has been very forgiving, so a friend and I took advantage by taking a nice stroll through Astoria, Queens. It felt great to spend some time catching up after spending so much time away from each other with our hectic work schedules. It was doubly special because the casual outing gave me an excuse to wear a piece I got from the first Fashion to Figure sample sale I attended back in February.front 111880982_10207432904128586_829425772_n Continue reading