My Current (Affordable) Spring Favorites

While I continue to write the finishing touches for upcoming installments of  +Size Matters, I decided to share some of my favorite pieces from various plus size spring collections online. I got to say that I am really loving the coral and mint colors that are clearly this seasons favorites as well as the new takes on some old prints and textures like florals, denim, crochet and chambray. The best part about this list is that these same pieces can carry over into summer be it for a day out with the family or time in the office and it is budget-friendly as everything on this list is less than $40 (minus shipping.) Happy shopping!

Handbags & Totes

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8 Self Love Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Abraham Lincoln once said, ” All that I am or hope to be I owe to my mother.” This is especially true in my case as I was raised by an “old school” single mother who worked tirelessly to ensure that my brother and I had a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and every opportunity for academic advancement. Everything I ever needed to know about believing and loving myself I learned from her. I am and forever will be grateful for her sacrifices and encouragement which is why I celebrate the woman who have raised, inspired and nurtured me by sharing some of the things she taught me about self love. I hope that this inspires anyone reading to practice self love, which contrary to popular belief, is not based on vanity or pride.

Family pictures0003

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The Big 2 – 5 (Part 2) : Eshakti Chambray

I took  advantage of the nice spring weather New York has been having this weekend to finally wear my first, and certainly not my last, purchase from eShakti. The current price tag attached to this dress is a tad on the expensive side, but I actually bought mine using the $40 gift coupon while the site was hosting a sale by which time the dress was marked down to $62 so this dress was a steal!  Though I fell in love with the dress as is online, I had the dress customized to knee length which turned out to be perfect.  I am petite (last time I checked I am 5’3”) so the maxi dress trend isn’t one I can really embrace for obvious reasons. Continue reading

I Am Not THAT Big!

For most of my life my family influenced my negative view of my body and my fashion choices. Though I have begun to love my body, I suffered with insecurities linked to my size and body type which stemmed from microaggression. Through no longer direct, they are now akin to passive-aggressive implications than are directed at me via gifts, both store bought and hand made.  Allow me to elaborate with some recent examples.

Back in 2013 I lent my voice for the third time for my church’s rendition of G.F. Handel’s Messiah. The then director decided (at the last minute mind you) in a white top and black ankle length bottoms as the dress code for the night of the performance. As a rule I really didn’t own much white and due to the fact that I am a petite woman I (still) don’t own many things that are too long. I complained to my mother and my aunt, both who were also part of the choir, and said that I would be sitting out this year since I had nothing to wear. They both then took it upon themselves to go shopping for me. Being that I was in my third semester of graduate school and had a crazy finals schedule, I let them. Needless to say I was surprised when one weekend my aunt came over with a measuring tape declaring that she would be making my skirt. The only reason I agreed to this was because the concert was a week away and the fabric was gorgeous.


This picture does nothing for this skirt but take my word for it, the fabric is beautiful!

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