It Still Fits! : Plus Size Prom Dress Shopping Tips

I took it upon myself to try on my high school prom dress recently and was pleasantly surprised to find that it still fits! Its been 7 years since my own high school prom and fitting into the dress has gotten me a bit nostalgic. With prom stuck in my brain for the past few days I decided to share my top tips on how to go about shopping for a prom dress. I hope it is not too late since it is April.  I just learned that some people have prom in May but I know in New York prom tends to happen in June so I am hoping anyone watching this still has time to go shopping for their dress. Let me know in the comments below which tip is your favorite and share your prom dress pictures with me on Facebook or Instagram (use #BCTProm).

As this is a long video I have provided select times below to help navigate the video a bit.

Tip # 7: Don’t limit yourself to just “Prom Dresses” as options — 3:39
Tip # 6: Alternations can be made — 4:36
Tip # 5: Don’t just buy a dress because it fits — 5:10
Tip # 4: Don’t limit yourself to online shopping — 7:07
Tip # 3: Buy a “multi-use dress” — 11:00
Tip # 2: Not everything has to be new — 12:43
Tip #1 — 15:33

Music: Oh No by Marina and the Diamonds (c) 2010 Atlantic Records, 679

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