(Affordable) Prom Picks 2015

For tips on shopping for your prom dress watch my first YouTube video. Here are my picks for the 2015 Prom season. All of these are within my affordable rules, being less than $200. I made sure to include a variety of retailers, dress lengths, and silhouettes so that everyone has options. I strongly believe that prom is a time to make a statement, which is why I included styles that wouldn’t normally be associated with prom. No matter what you decide, choose what works best for you and more importantly what makes you feel amazing. Happy shopping! ❤

SimplyBe USA

ASOS Curve


Sealed With a Kiss (SWAK)


 Rent The Runway

Light in a box

(Note: There have been reports that ordering from  this overseas company holds many risks  so please consider this before you order. You may be asking why I included it at all but just take a look at these styles. That plus the prices kind of makes the risk worth it in my eyes. I know if I was in high school I would totally be all over Dress 1 and 5.)


 Forever 21 +

Ashley Stewart


Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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