Last week I shared with you my very first Christmas shopping guide that dealt with shopping for anime/manga fangirl and now this second list focuses more on Western fandoms, particularly animation, video games and comics, though I did include a couple live action films . Much like my first gift guide, some of the items listed are direct references to certain fandoms, with the rest being pieces that are much more subtle.  I’ve also included some commentary as how they can be used or styled for everyday use.  In an effort to remain budget friendly I made sure to list items that are  $60 and under, minus shipping though many retailers seem to now be offering free shipping due to holiday rush so that cost shouldn’t be as bad as it usually is. Happy shopping!

Jewelry and Accessories


Etsy by Froshjewels – Zelda Heart Container Necklace (available in red and blue)


Etsy by Christalinasales – Ursula’s Enchanted Golden Shell Choker

One of the most iconic element of Disney’s classic Beauty and the Beast is the enchanted rose and this crochet scarf makes it possible to incorporate it into your winter fashion. Paired with this Society+ Mustard Faux Suede Skater dress this scarf creates a Belle-inspired Disneybound style.


Etsy by SenasShop- Red rose crochet scarf

From the first time I saw Ready to Stare’s chain belt a few years ago the first thought that came to mind was Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. Even as other brands introduced this this chain belt trend to their respective collections, that image still remains in mind. This one from Fashion to Figure is much lighter than the aforementioned belt but it is a nice accessory to edge-up any look.


Fashion to Figure – Lila Three Row Chain Belt

These past few years we have seen the return to the pussy bow, and more women incorporating actual bow ties into their outfits, yet when the necktie has been left to the side for the most part.  The few ties I’ve seen neckties used by women, they tend to be skinny ties, but the traditional men’s necktie provides a bit more in my opinion, as they can be tied as a cravat, but it can even used as a headband, brooch, necklace,  or scarf, which is one of my favorite ways of incorporating this piece into my more prep-inspired looks.  It takes a level of patience and creativity, much like it did for Lin-Manuel Miranda when he penned Hamilton,  but you can make a tie work for you.


UnCommonGoods – Constitution Tie



When it comes to plus size fashion and fandoms, Torrid immediately comes to mind. Just this year alone they released collections of fandoms this year including Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Outlander, Once Upon a Time, Star Wars: Rogue One as well as Disney Princesses and Villains so it stands to reason that when it comes to western-specific geek chic, you’re pretty much covered.  Yet even with these licensed pieces I find it nice to have pieces that are not licensed recreations of costumes from a series and film as they an easily be introduced to your everyday wardrobe, much like this red pleather jacket that is very similar to Once  Upon a Time‘s  protagonist, Emma Swan’s signature red jacket.  A leather/pleather jacket is practically a must-have fashion piece so why not have one in a bold color while also subtly referencing such a strong female character ?

If there is one character that every fashionista should aspire to be like it would have to be Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls. This girl is fearless, optimistic and is well aware of her cuteness/beauty. She wears an assortment of extremely colorful knit sweaters, that she makes herself, that varies from episode to episode, most famously her rainbow stream shooting star design as well as the rainbow with clouds sweater she wears in the show’s opening theme. This cute sweater can be layered with a denim or chambray top for a cosy casual look for brunch with the family.


Forever 21+ – Rainbow Sweater


Eloquii Layered Ruffle Lace Dress (makes me think of what a preppy Bubbles would wear as a young adult.)

Numbuh 5 aka Abigail “Abby” Lincoln is one of the best characters of color that has ever graced animated television. The original leader of Sector V of the Kids Next Door  she is the oldest and wisest member of the team. This sweat dress is very much like the one that she wears throughout the series run. The drop shirting hem is not only on trend, but also elevates the style to being work appropriate.

This year my brother introduced me the Cartoon Network series, Steven Universe and I absolutely love it. Amethyst is just one of the characters that make up the cast and she is easily a fan favorite for being so fun-loving, carefree and body positive. She always sports black leggings with a dark mauve star at the knees much like that from this knit sweater. Add some leggings paired with ankle booties and you’re set to go.

Are there any major fandoms that I missed? Which one of these gifts ideas were your favorite? Are you almost done shopping, or are you like me,  just getting started?

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