Last Minute Valentine’s Day Fashion Favorites

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been doing a great job in keeping track of much of anything since the beginning of this year as I have yet to find an appointment book/planner for 2017. This is why the fact that we are already in February went completely unnoticed by me until my brother mentioned it in passing this past week. So as you can expect I am just getting around to checking out some Valentine’s day fashion for this year and while I have yet to decide what I will be wearing  I thought I should share some of the pieces that I am really loving at the moment. Whether you are still looking for something to wear, or just looking to add a V-day twist to an outfit you already have, this list has got it covered at an affordable price range.  Happy shopping!

Handbags & Accessories


Are you already V-day ready? What are your Valentine’s day plans?

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