Slay Sista Slay

Happy Women’s History Month!  Having spent five years volunteering with a NYC-based women’s empowerment non profit, I can truly say that there is nothing more powerful than when women come together to advocate for the rights and advancement of other women. It is a notion that deserves to be celebrated and explored through various platforms of discussion. For this reason I’m hoping to cover topics relevant to female empowerment on the blog such as budgeting, the significance of creating a personal brand, as well as making time for self-love all through what is left of this month.  Of course fashion will still be featured,  including my final winter look for this season and some early spring looks that I’m excited to finally share, as it is a significant way we can empower each other, however, such self-expression is only one part of our experience as women.  So for this first post of the month,  I wanted to discuss feminism, gender identity and the significance of a female support system. Growing up I struggled with my feminine identity primarily because I considered it to anti-feminist, so I intentionally shunned a lot of ” girly things” like the color pink (It may be surprising to some people given the amount of black I wear on a daily basis, but pink is my favorite color). It wasn’t until I expanded my social circle with more mature  and professional female mentors that I realized I focused too much on what I thought feminism meant, instead of  what it really is.A feminine feminist wasn’t an oxymoron, the social movement itself gives me the right to identify as such, and support other women in their individual experiences, goals and journeys towards acceptance for who they are. As an adult I have begun to reintroduce my favorite color to by wardrobe once and I now wear pink whenever I need an extra boost of confidence. My item of choice? My rushed sleeve jersey blazer. It is a statement piece I bought back in 2012 soon after becoming the youngest  team member of 4 Real Women International Inc. that I always reach for whenever I feel an outfit could use a pop of personality.Sometimes it seems that even today women are often too busy competing with each other for measurable success to take time for their fellow sister. I have been blessed to know some fabulous women who have motivated and inspired me as I work on my dreams both professionally and on this blog. Admittedly, my hectic schedule of leaves little room for much of anything but I truly believe every woman should support her sister’s ambition and goals, as well as consider participating in some way. It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture either. It can be as simple as just sharing something they posted on social media or even donating funds or time  to a cause they believe it. All of us have different circles of support, experiences and skills; just imagine how far we can go if we were to share that!

~Get the look~

Fuchsia Ruched Sleeve Blazer (XL) |  Macy’s (sold out, similar here)
Joggers (1X) | Fashion to Figure (old, similar here and here)
“Slay Sista Slay” Graphic tee (Size 18) | Lane Bryant (sold out, similar here)

So how are you celebrating Women’s History Month this year?  What other topics would you like to see me cover this month on the blog?

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