Inside the Dressing Room: Victoria Beckham X Target Review

So this past Sunday was the release of yet another of Targets designer capsule collection, this time by Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice from the Spice Girls. I’ll admit that while I am a 90’s kid I was never was into the Spice Girls so the excitement that most of my friends went through but with all of the hype on social media about the designs also being launched in plus I just had to check it out for myself at my local Target. I only had access to a couple of pieces that survived the initial launch on Sunday and you can check out my thoughts below.

Retro Floral Tie Waist Romper

This was the piece that I was immediately drawn to when I saw the preliminary images of this collection to the point that I had already made plans as to how I was going to style it once I bought it. The vibrant floral pattern is just so fun and I really liked the fact that it had a removable tie waist instead of an elastic band to accent the waist. Sadly I didn’t really care for the fabric. It felt kind of heavy for spring and had NO stretch to it. I ended up sizing up to a 2X (pictured above) because the 1X was too snug, but the excess fabric draped in odd way on the front when I would walk. I did love how it looked in the back though so I may end up getting it anyway and just getting it tailored.

Fuchsia Jacquard Drop Waist Dress

With my love for pink I simply had to try on at least one of the fuschia pieces included in this collection. While I love this 21st century take on the classic mod style, as you can see from my facial expression, I’m not quite sure if it is for me. It may be the fact that I tried in the 2X but this dress just seemed a bit too long for my petite frame. The good news is this piece does have a lot of stretch to it so I believe sizing down may make this piece work if you’re vertically challenged like me.

Black Daisy Drop Waist Scallop Trim Dress

I’ll admit that I truly expected to hate this dress particularly because of the large floral print, but this was the dress that I loved the most out of the collection. I can rave about this piece all day -the fabric is great, the button detail in the back is so chic and it is an overall versatile spring piece. It can be styled up for work or church with some nice wedges and styled down with flats or sneakers  for a casual day out with the girls so I definitely recommend giving this dress a try if you can. Here I tried the 3X as the 1X was way too small for me, and  there wasn’t a 2X wasn’t available in the store. While the 3X did have the oversized fit which I believe is meant to be the style of this kind of dress, I may just order it online in a 2X just to see if the fit is any better.

Blush Collared Dress

This shirt dress reminds me so much of Alice in Wonderland with the white Rabbit details on the collar and the vintage feminine blush color. Unfortunately, this shade of blush was just too pale for my skin tone. My local Target location didn’t have the black one in a 1X or a 2X so I may just order this one to try in black, if only to have a creepy-cute Wednesday Addams kind of look.

Overall I thought the collection was very affordable, and I definitely enjoyed the fact that straight and plus items were hung  in the same store floor-space – something that I would love to be the norm one day in major retailers like Target, Macy’s and even JCPenney. Some of the pieces as expected did run a bit small so I would have liked to have seen the collection go up to a size 28 at least, however the fact that so many plus size pieces were purchased so quickly at Target locations across the country, hopefully that would lead to some changes by Target as they move forward with more designer capsule collections.

Have you shopped the collection yet? What do you think? Did you buy anything yet?

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