“We Were Here” – Concert OOTN ft. Dare Fashion

“You’re a tea drinking, highly educated, otaku, goth black Latina that listens to metal. That’s as out there  as it can be.” – Jonquel of JonquelArt

Truer words have never been spoken. I’m a “weird” Afro-Latina girl. I accepted that years ago. I watch anime, read comics and get excited by new Harry Potter and Disney merch/collections whenever they drop but weirder still for most people, I listen to A LOT of metal. Beyonce may be everyone’s queen but mine are Tarja TurnenSharon den Adel, Simone Simons and Floor Jansen. Yes, I did just list a bunch of Scandinavian names. What can I say? They are masters of the genre over there.
I should pause here to explain something. Metal is a very broad term that covers countless sub-genres, one of them being symphonic metal – a genre I was introduced to around 2005 with “Once,” Nightwish’s final album with lead singer Tarja Turnen. I found out about this band thanks in part to the internet and my obsession with the “Phantom of the Opera.” (Long story but true.) I somehow got my hands on a copy of “Once” and with the first verse of “Sleeping Sun” I was hooked.

Band merch from March 2018 concert : Once album shirt, complementary copy of “Decades” anniversary album and blu-ray of the 2012 band-film,”Imaginaerum.”

If you follow me on IG you know that last month I got to go to one of the shows or the Nightwish Decades tour. Even though I have been a fan of this symphonic metal band for well over a decade this was the first time I got to see them perform live. Of course the band line-up is now much different from when I first started listening to their music with a new singer just having been introduced a few years ago. Yet with the concert celebrating their little over two decade long music catalogue, I wanted an outfit that paid honor to the voice that had the longest tenure with the band and I greatly admire – Tarja Turnen. Her performance outfits as the lead singer for Nightwish were always elaborate, and ethereal often times being a dress or coat with a cascading statement sleeve. I will admit that I continue to covet her performance closet as she continues to dress in this way even now with her solo career. I got what I wanted with this corset top from Dare to Wear Fashion. 

This top has kimono sleeves which widen and flow to the skirted hem which gave me the drama I really wanted. My favorite part of this top, other than the sleeves, is the corset detail which is built into the top so it provides that waist definition while not constricting or stiff in any way. Together with the sweetheart neckline it presents an edge to an otherwise overtly feminine design. I paired it with my grey jeggings and favorite lace up boots as well as accessorized with lace gloves and choker necklace. Overall it was just a great concert look that made my teen goth heart soar and I can’t wait to wear again.

Growing up as a romantic goth metalhead was….interesting because I couldn’t afford the kinds of clothes I wanted to wear, not the I could fit in them anyway. I actually made do by wearing as much black and “very dark grey” with some accessories. Mostly Happy Bunny, and Emily the Strange items mixed with lace, fishnets, black roses and, of course, skulls. In the time after high school I made the shift to more mainstream styles at my mother’s request that “leave such things and become an adult.” However, as I get older I have made a point to bring back some of that edge and goth-inspiration back to my closet. To date, finding affordable plus size alternative style is near impossible but I’m glad that Dare Fashion is helping fill that gap, having great variety at moderate prices. I highly recommend checking them out!

~Get the look~

Treasure Corset Top in Black (2X)  | Dare to Wear Fashion
RWN by Rawan Emmia Infinite Stretch Skinny (Size 16)  | Dia&Co 
Lace Gloves | ALDO Accessories (similar here)
Black Lace Choker Necklace with Pendant | Dare to Wear Fashion (similar here)
L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick in Roseblood | CVS 

What are some of your favorite concert outfits?

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