My Summer 2019 Favorites

Though I have been MIA on the blog this summer, that hasn’t really stopped me from doing some shopping and trying some new things in hopes that I would be back here to report on it. Sure this is Labor Day weekend which is an unofficial sign that summer is coming to an end, yet there is a chance you may be able to shop some of these on sale to stock up for next summer.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.

1. Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen For Face & Body

After the horrible summer burn of 2017, I’ve learned the hard way that my melanin alone will not protect me from the harsh rays of the sun. Yes, you would think that would be obvious but I honestly for may people of color it is not. So I asked my friend, the make-up and skincare maven, Stephanie, to help me find a product that I could use for both everyday and for the beach. During a trip to Sephora, she highly recommended I try Supergoop! and I’m glad that I took her advice. This sunscreen is non-greasy as well as sweat, and waterproof.  It also very light and doesn’t leave any white residue making it great to use under your makeup.

2. Torrid Black Bicycle Shorts

Bicycle shorts were the trend of this summer with most people choosing to wear them like they would with regular leggings so I was curious to try them for myself. They instantly became a favorite of mine as they work well to help with chub rub whenever I wear a dress. It has a thick waist band that doesn’t roll down or has to be adjusted as you go about your day. It’s also made of a thick cotton so it breathes well in hot and humid weather. Honestly there’s not much else I can say about these shorts. They are just awesome and I need to buy some more.

3. Skull& Rose Print Harem Romper

I already own one harem romper with a blue floral print from SWAK and honestly it is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own that also makes a statement. So at the start of this summer I  went looking for another one and I found one on Amazon of all places for only $10!  I know for that price you would think the quality would be questionable, however, this romper is made of a thick viscose (cotton-like) fabric, has sturdy cami straps and it doesn’t wrinkle that easily. It is listed as a “one-size-fits-all” product meant to fit sizes 8-26 and considering how roomy it is I want to say that this may be the one time that description is pretty accurate. Also don’t worry if skulls and roses aren’t your thing, this romper comes in 18 solid colors and two other prints.  Style notes: I always say that if you’re hesitant to trying rompers, start with a harem romper. The cut and silhouette works for everybody and you can even accessorize with a belt for a more defined shape. That said, you will need some bicycle shorts or chub rub prevention lotion as the wide harem pant leg, while stylish, does nothing to protect you from chaffing.

4. ESPRLIA Plus Size Print One Piece Swimsuit

As much as I love my fatikinis, I do like having one piece swimsuits in my summer wardrobe as well. I mean I’m all for body positive disruption of expectations at the beach (or pool) but I also like having options. This was the summer of me attempt to add more pink to my closet (its my other favorite color other than black), sadly I only managed to purchase one pink piece and it was this pineapple-print swimsuit. Another Amazon-find, this suit comes in different prints and colors besides this one and surprisingly runs true to size.

Unlike all of my other swimsuits, this one is wireless with molded ups and the adjustable strings at the bust allow you to  control the coverage and fit. Overall it is a quality garment for a great price! This a great option for pool parties as I’ve seen women on IG even use this as a skater dress.Style notes: I ordered a  2XL in this. Even though it is wireless, this swimsuit still has some support. For reference I’m a DD-cup in bras and I was fine.

5. LAJOIE SKIN – Calmmé

I actually received a tube of LAJOIE SKIN – Calmmé in my swag bag from last year’s theCURVYcon, but I didn’t have the chance to use it until my trip to Puerto Rico back in May.  In my experience, this is great for those moments when you wear short shorts or even when heading to the beach with your swimsuit, just apply before heading into the water and you’re safe from chaffing. When applied it formula creates a barrier that helps your thighs glide without it being greasy or sticky, neither does it stain your clothes.  The best part is that it not only helps to prevent chaffing but it helps to soothe it as well should it happen. Chub rub sucks so to be introduced to a product like this is simply a godsend. If you’re in the market for chub rub prevention product, that doesn’t need to be reapplied often, definitely give this one a try.

Have you tried anything new this summer?

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