theCURVYcon 2019 Recap

This post is super late but hopefully worth the wait. My original plan was to edit a video of clips I took at theCURVYcon this year instead of a written post but my computer had other ideas so here we are, haha. That said, I’ve got to say that Cece and Chastity weren’t kidding when they said that the theme for the 5th annual theCURVYcon was homecoming. From the decorations, the themed after party to the warm reunions we all had with other curvy ladies that traveled for this major fashion event.

Day one- Workout feat. Pretty Big Movement

I greatly appreciated the fact that this year’s workout session was scheduled to be on another day entirely. Usually this is done early in the morning  which is one reason I’ve missed the last two sessions. The other reason being that I just didn’t want to have to carry another outfit to change into after the workout is over. I only did this once and due to how complicated it was to go from gym-wear to CURVYcon-chic, that was enough for me, hahaha.

Cece and Chastity making their opening remarks.

Anyways, while I’m not much of a dancer,  I did love the fact that Pretty Big Movement lead the ladies through the choreography for Lizzo’s “Juice” performance.  Everyone got so into it, hyping each other up to get the moves right but with their own individual sass in it . Complete with Nike swag,  an open bar and some light snacks, this workout had a great party atmosphere that kicked-off this year’s CURVYcon right.

Brooke decked out in Nike, the title sponsor for the workout session.

Day Two – Shop til you drop!

Literally drop!

As with each CURVYcon, it was full to the brim with booths where you could shop different brands and designers.  I was particularly happy to see that Torrid joined the line up this year, mostly because for the last two CURVYcons I’ve worn Torrid pieces. I’m really hoping that one day there will be more edgy/alternative brands included in the line up since we’re so under-represented in that particular style-space. I actually didn’t buy anything but I was happy that I got a chance to see what each brand had to offer in person so that I can have a better idea of how things look and feel should I decide to shop with them online.

Target even gave everyone the opportunity to shop the 20 year anniversary collection before it dropped. Sadly the pieces I wanted weren’t included but it was nice that the opportunity was there to shop these limited edition items without having to deal with the hassle of digging through straight-sizes just to find the dress that fits like you would normally do in stores.  Target along with Macy’s and Kleinfelds that took part in the biggest fashion show in CURVYcon history, thus far. Having wedding fashion walk the runway this year was such a powerful move as shopping while plus becomes more difficult  when it comes to special occasion pieces, like prom and wedding dresses, however, as the fashion show demonstrated, things have vastly improved in the last 5-10 years and getting better.

Spending homecoming with Brooke on the bleachers.

As I’ve already mentioned, this CURVYcon was definitely a homecoming.  Through the theCURVYcon Facebook group many of us were able to connect with each other weeks in advance so when we got to the space it was just like meeting old friends. I also got a chance to hang out with some of my blogger favs that were in attendance, all of which were killing the fashion game during that fashion week.

At the Dia&Co booth with the one and only, Suzanne, creator of the Su-Style expo.

As I mentioned on my IG stories,  I went with a bit of a theme this year for my outfit.  I was  inspired by the song entitled “Half God, Half Devil”  by American metal band, In this Moment. The song is one that I relate to a lot for many reasons, one of them being the duality found in my closet. It’s either very mainstream and feminine, or edgy, goth with a hint of historical romanticism for flavor, haha. The funny part is that many of my blogger friends that were in attendance agreed that if they had to pick an outfit to define my style, it would be this one.

~Get the look~

Lace Bow Top (Size 2X) | Forever 21*
Pinafore Skirt (Size 18) | Boohoo Curve*
Top-Handle Cross-body Transparent Handbag | New York & Company (sold out online)

Day Three – Panels, SHopping and Then We party

Don’t get me wrong, shopping can be fun, but what I really love about conventions like theCURVYcon are the panels. For example, the “Dear Retailer” panel gave us a chance to hear from those actively working within the industry and even ask them questions. Many of us that attend this annual event are people that not only take part in the industry as customers, but we are looking into helping fashion move beyond what is currently available in plus size, be it as a model, blogger/influencer, a stylist, a designer or even an entrepreneur launching a new brand into the market. In that same panel we are also given the opportunity to let them know what we want which will hopefully inspire them to apply the feedback to their work. Celebrating how far plus size fashion has come via fashions shows are great, but these kinds of discussions are what helps it get even better.

In addition to having a theme, I decided early on that if I were to attend theCURVYcon this year that I would be stepping up my looks a bit by incorporating some makeup. For my final outfit of the weekend this called for contacts, matte eyeliner and metallic lipstick which worked well to add some subtle drama with my new Lydia maxi dress from Foxblood. Of course the finishing touch was the elaborate chaquira collar I wore as a necklace that provided just a pop of  Panamanian culture I’ve always wanted to showcase.  I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous about this look as I thought that it may be a bit “much,” yet it transitioned well for the after party and I got so many compliments for it.  (Sidenote: I think the fact that the sexiest item currently in my closet also happens to be one of the most comfortable things I own says a lot about me, hahaha Seriously this maxi dress is petite friendly and made of the softest material.)

~Get the look~

Lydia Dress (Size 2X) | Foxblood
Fishnet Finger-less Gloves | Amazon

Oh and I’m bet you’re curious as to the status of the swag bag this year. Well, as I had a Glitter ticket this year I can only report on that. Considering the fact that I had a chance to compare the Platinum and Glitter swag bags last year, I believe that this year was an improvement for Glitter ticket holders.  Unfortunately due to the computer issues I’ve mentioned I won’t be able to film my annual swag bag haul but you can see from this image here that we got more than just coupons. I really have no complaints about it and, from the looks of theCURVYcon Facebook group, it looks like no one else does either. So hooray for progress!

This year I found myself leaving theCURVYcon inspired and content. In meeting so many women who. At this moment I don’t know if I’ll be attending theCURVYcon next year, but I’m still looking forward to seeing where Cece and Chastity take this event moving forward. Happy 5th year Anniversary CURVYcon. Here’s to even more years of curvy representation at theCURVYcon!

Did you get to attend theCURVYcon this year? If you did, what was your favorite part?

*Style Note: I could have sized down on both the blouse and skirt. The skirt has a great amount of stretch that I didn’t factor when I purchased it so it ended up being so big that I had to pin the straps down so that they wouldn’t slide off.

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