Spring Fantasy Cottagecore

Of all the trends that came out of quarantine life, there is one that I grew to appreciate : Cottagecore. While this is more of an aesthetic than an actual trend, it really took off over the last year and the appeal is totally understandable given how we’ve spent the last year.

The premise conjures up nostalgic images of tranquil moments of whimsical escape,  complete with frolicking in flower fields, and picnics with tea served on vintage porcelain. As one would expect, even within this aesthetic niches like cottagegoth, and witchcore (to name a few) have sprung up as well. Bringing a more dark and edgy vibe, these lean more towards historical,  romantic and sometimes fantastical elements via color palettes as well as folksy mysticism.  That being said, there are those who have argued that cottagecore is basically a glamorous extension to boho and I totally can see that given the similar color palettes and even prints. Bandanas and bandana prints,  for example, have made a comeback in fashion due to the rise of this trend, some even in very stylish ways as is the case with this dress.I first stumbled across this bandana dress while scrolling through Instagram, I was in awe. It’s a simple idea that is so brilliantly executed that I can’t help but wonder why we haven’t seen these before. Or maybe they’ve been around and I just haven’t noticed. Who knows, the point is that after I spotted it, learned more about the brand and the designer I knew that I must have my own in my two favorite colors.

Being a little extra with a  faux suede fringe handbag, sunglasses and platform creepers.

Honey’s Blowtorch is a small business created and run by Emoree Heiselt and she is amazing. Not only are her designs super original and whimsical, but they are also for everyone. No size or gender limitations and there are no up-charges for larger sizes.  Each piece is made at order – you’re able to select the colors, neckline and sleeve style that you like. She does a restock on her Etsy every month and the next one is scheduled for April 9th. From my understanding this restock includes some  tie dye options as well as some updates to her original bandana collection including overalls!  Definitely give her IG a follow and keep an eye out for updates. I know I am looking forward to possibly getting a two-tone crop top or sleeveless this time around.The long bubble sleeves with the flair cuffs and the midi length really give this style a real elegance that had me feeling like a princess walking through the woods. Though I really love how the dress looks on its own without it,  I did add my double buckle belt to give it a more fit and flare kind of fit which worked well with the low neckline.Because of the delicate, almost ethereal dark aesthetic this dress brought to mind,  I played around with many different shoe choices including western inspired boots before I ultimately decided on  my new platform creepers. These are shoes that I’ve been wanting since I was about 16 and I’ve only just gotten around to purchasing a pair this year. They are beyond comfortable (seriously great for long walks right out of the box) and while these are obviously not what immediately comes to mind for cottagecore they worked really well to complete this look.

Dark spring-make up anyone?

This is definitely my spring dress of choice for this season and given how lightweight the material is, I can see myself twirling around in this cottagecore -style up until the start of summer.

~Get the look~

Boho Chic Bandana Dress (1X) | Honey’s Blowtorch*
Double Western Buckle Belt | SimplyBe (similar here)
Faux Suede Platform Creepers | Amazon
Gothic black rose and cross necklace | Crypt of Curiosities

What do you think about Cottagecore? Have you given it a try?

*Style Note: Because the dress is made of real bandanas it is a little bit sheer so slips and nude or black undergarments are recommended. I wore black undergarments and a biker short under this dress. 





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