My Time In The Spotlight

During my trip to Baltimore last month, Brooke took me to an interactive content creation space. Located in Towson Town Center, The Spotlight has a total of 25 custom-made backgrounds complete with props, a phone compatible ring light and a Bluetooth operated shutter. From what I gathered, they just opened this location over the summer yet have no doubt that they will be growing out of where they are very soon once word gets out.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

For $25 (plus tax) you get 30 minutes to use the entire space but if you’d like the photos to be taken by a professional, you can also book that service for a fee. Brooke and I booked our times together so we had an hour total to work in the space, which was more than enough time to play as we both had one styled outfit each. One thing I truly appreciated was the size of the space as it is so big that everyone was spread out enough for proper social distancing to the point that we could be without our masks during our shoot.

My best friend, the model.

That said, while we were there we were fortunate to catch a glimpse of a professional photoshoot in action as one young lady was there making use of this service for her birthday photos. I was impressed by how they managed to juggle this professional shoot in the same space without the other guests being obstacles in the background. Also she got to do at least 3 outfit changes so I want to say that you really get a lot for your buck when you book the professional shoot there.

Of course the girls from Queens had to make use of the new bodega set.

This time around Brooke and I keep to mostly photography and some video. While I wasn’t about recording any videos of my own this time, I’m hoping next time I can convince her to do our first set of TikTok videos here.

If you’re in the area I highly recommend getting an outfit (or two) together and your bestie to take some pics. Do it for the ‘gram! The owners noted that they will be updating some of the set themes in the next couple of weeks for fall and Halloween. You can bet that Brooke and I are really looking forward to this so we will be back very soon.

~Get the look~

Fishnet Crop Top (1X) | Loralette (similar here)

Black 360° Back Smoothing Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra  | Torrid 

Petite Pull-on Elastic Waist Soft Maxi Skirt (16) | Woman Within

T.U.K. Multi-Strap Pointed Mary Jane Creeper | Amazon 

Canvas Grommet Belt | Forever 21+ (similar here)

Have you ever been to a content creator space like this before? I think that they are great for taking photos without having to deal with crowds or unwanted photobombing by strangers.


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