Oh My Senpai Moonie VIP Box Review

If you’ve been following me for a bit you already know that I love anime, manga and I’m a diehard Moonie (aka Sailor Moon fan). Sailor Moon was the first anime I was ever exposed to back in the early 90’s. I was four years old when my mother turned on the show to distract me while I was home recovering from getting my appendix removed and I’ve been obsessed ever since.  My love for this anime lead to an ever expanding collection of official (and fan-made) merchandise, which has only gotten bigger once I started making “adult money” and I’ve even cosplayed as a couple of my favorite characters at cons.

Just a portion of my collection which includes the manga, video tapes of the original dub (plus the movies) 90’s toys, figurines, enamel pins and more.

Funny enough in spite of this I don’t actually own much in terms of wearable items besides a few graphic tees which can get pretty old fast. So as you can expect I’m constantly on the lookout for more unique expressions of wearable fandom. I would never have guessed that there would ever be loungewear involved as is the case with Oh My Senpai.

Oh My Senpai is a Black owned nerd loungewear shop that carries a great selection of pieces in sizes S to 4XL. I first heard about then during my time at BlerDCon this year and though the first collection was Naruto inspired, I decided to keep up with their notifications. This paid off immediately as the moment they started shipping out pieces from their first collection over the summer, they announced their second inspired by Sailor Moon. The allover print on the robe, and bonnet featured in the announcement were reminiscent of the design of Usagi’s bedding, though this one includes Luna P amongst the crescent moons, bunnies, and stars. It was unique and beyond cute. So surprise, surprise, the day pre-orders opened in September I was ready with my wallet in hand to place my order first thing.

Moonie Lounge Robe (XL), Reversible Bonnet, Boxer Shorts (XL), and Nightgown (2XL).

I will admit that the pieces aren’t cheap, but all things considered it is well priced for the quality. Also I should mention that Klarna is also a payment option which is actually what I used when I made my order back in the fall. That said, I got the VIP box as it had 3 pieces at a discounted price. The box included the robe, boxers and your choice of a durag or reversible bonnet. The Moonie collection also included other items that you could add to your box including a nightgown, a sports bra, a wrap crop top and a selection of t-shirts. As nightgowns make up most of my sleepwear, I decided to add one to my box. My whole order came out to a little over $150 in total (not including shipping) and as I told my brother on Christmas morning, I regret nothing.  Everything is so soft for maximum cozy vibes and the satin fabric robe has greatly elevated my walk from my room to the kitchen for a cup of tea with how elegant it is, even with the nerdy print.

This set was definitely a highlight this Christmas.

As for the sizing, I’m happy to report that the pieces I got were pretty true to size. I greatly appreciate the fact that the initial launch leans on being inclusive so that even us plus size nerds can get a chance to shop the collections too. The robe, boxers and t-shirts are all unisex but the nightgowns does run slightly smaller, though they do have a good amount of stretch too.  The robe was more oversized than I had expected (the sleeves are very long), so I could have sized down but I’m still in love with it nevertheless. Oh, also both the robe and the boxers have pockets!

I can’t wait to see what else Oh My Senpai designs and releases next. I am definitely a forever customer and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my second favorite magical girl franchise, Cardcaptor Sakura,  gets a collection sometime soon too. The shop is currently closed until January but if you are a nerd who loves some cute, soft and luxurious loungewear like me, make sure you follow Oh My Senpai to be the first to know when the next drop is set to happen.

Are you a fan of Sailor Moon as well?  Tell who your favorite Sailor Senshi is in the comments. Mine has changed a lot as I’ve gotten older but I’ve greatly admire Neptune/ Michiru from the moment that her character was first introduced in the series because she is everything I hope to be – elegant, sophisticated, intelligent, artistically talented and dedicated to her loved ones.

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