New Year, New Skincare (feat. Vamigas)

So I’ll be honest that when it comes to skincare I either stick to a routine or avoid it entirely.  What can I say, I’m a Taurus, I like my sleep so having a 10 step routine before bed is a tall order for me. Thankfully, using the right products can help cut down the steps a bit and I’ve found some pretty great products from a new brand called Vamigas.

Disclaimer : This post includes affiliate links, any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission.

Vamigas is a Latinx owned and founded beauty brand specializing in health and wellness. They launched last year with products for skincare, body care and even hair care. What I like about Vamigas is that the brand weaves culture into the products by incorporating ingredients found and cultivated in Latin America. Ingredients such as rosa mosqueta, chia, prickly pear, papaya, jojoba, maracuja, maqui and açaí that our ancestors have been using for centuries.

The brand and its founders also work to decolonize the beauty and wellness industry that has used these same botanicals without recognizing the cultural context they have while also marketing them as exotic cure-alls. Vamigas works to also educate the consumers to know what and why they are using the ingredients as this information is shared on their site where they also explain the history, and purpose in its use – something rarely, if ever found with mainstream brands. Additionally, they are very transparent as to where and how the ingredients are sourced. After reading through most of the information on the Vamigas site,  I decided to go the skincare route, giving their cleanser and facial oil a try first.

Olinda Prickly Pear, Acai & Chia Clarifying Cleanser

I know we sometimes shake our head when it comes to two-in-one products, but a cleanser that doubles as a make up remover? How has this not been a thing before? Though I don’t wear full face make up often, when I do the most annoying part of the process has to be removing what I’ve put on. Between using  coconut oil, cleansing wipes and micellar water, nothing really works to get all of that product off my face. without irritating my skin.  Yet with just a few drops of this cleanser on a cotton pad and most of my eye makeup comes off with just one swipe, which cuts down the process significantly and leaves my skin feeling very refreshed. While this product can be used for both morning and nighttime routines, I favor to use it before bed as I want to cleanse my face as much as possible after a day outside.

Rosa Mosqueta face & Body Oil

I first gravitated toward this particular product because of my mother. In recent years she’s noticed that her face has gotten some dark spots and she was on the hunt for a product to help make them fade. I introduced her to this oil and she found that after some continual use the spots faded.  The best part is that it is not just for your face, you can use it on other parts of your body as well. Personally I’ve found that this multipurpose oil helps with my dry skin on my elbows and hands during the winter. I like putting it on before bed to let it do its thing overnight and I wake up to super hydrated skin. Just like the Olinda Cleanser, a little goes a long way so while we both use this as much as possible, it has also lasted me a while longer than other similar products I’ve bought in the past.

The current Vamigas product assortment may span multiple beauty categories but I’m happy to report that the prices are affordable ranging from $24 to $34.  While you can shop the brand straight from their website, you can also find their products at Nordstrom, and The Pampas Balancing Face Mist and Cielito Hair Oil are next on my list of Vamigas products to try. I’ll be sure to report back on those once I do.

As of this fall my routine now includes Vamigas along with some tried and old-school home remedies I grew up with that have proven to be worthwhile, such as using witch hazel as a toner before following up with the  oil/serum. (I highly recommend it whether you have oily or combination skin. It has helped keep my skin smooth for decades.) I’ve noticed some major improvements with this combination So if you’re looking for some new products to add to your beauty routine, definitely give Vamigas a try. Use coupon code MARLENA25 for a 25% discount with your purchase.

What do you look for when considering new skincare products?

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