2017 FFFWeek Day 4 – White Party Cruise

While I took the week off to attend many of the events at Full Figured Fashion Week  I did it knowing that I wouldn’t be able to afford to attend the two major signature events, one being the All White Party. Needless to say it was a pleasant surprise and an honor to be given the chance to attend the cruise for the very first time. (Major thanks to Lisa of Mustang Sally Two!)  The “Curves At Sea All White Party” is well known for being the hottest ticket on the FFFWeek event schedule with people even flying in from other countries just to attend.  Brooke and I were so excited we arrived at the pier no less than a full hour before the suggested early arrival time. It worked out for the best though since it gave us time to do a mini shoot by the pier before boarding the ship.

Only Brooke could look like a Goth Goddess in white.

Feeling cute in white summer lace and gold.

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2017 FFFWeek Day 3

With Fashion Week comes exclusive first-looks of new collections from various brands. The first one for the week was for the newest Fit for Me intimate apparel and casual wear. We were presented with a fashion show that showcased some of the latest style trends with styled with pieces from the collection by celebrity stylist, Denise Caldwell. Many of the looks demonstrated how the collection could work with items we already have in our own wardrobes transitioning from work to gym as well as highlighting just how smooth their seamless briefs and camis are under dresses. No panty lines! The collection will be available on Walmart.com and Amazon.com September 2017. Continue reading

2017 FFFWeek Day 1 & 2

It’s that time of year again – Full Figured Fashion Week! Considering how much fun last year was I simply had to make the effort and attend this year as well. So just like last year I’m sharing this experience with all of you as  I will be recapping the events of the week here on the blog as well as sharing my outfits for each day. Here’s to FFFWeek 2017!

Day 1 –  Rooftop Summer Fun

This year the festivities kicked off with a Curvy Music, Film and Art Festival.  With live music on the roof,  a screening of the PLUS! documentary by Sandra Chum and Kalisha Whitman and a showcase of curvy art, it was an afternoon well spent celebrating all things curvy and chic.

First thing I saw when I got up to the loft — The Curvy Zodiac! ( Art by Fashion Illustrator, Jonquel Norwood)

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Real #SquadGoals

I’ve never been good at making friends. For one thing I come from a conservative religious background that can sometimes make it hard for people to relate to me very much, bu more importantly I suffer from social anxiety. In my mind I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to be my friend. After all, who would want to be friends with someone who doesn’t go out on Friday nights? Someone who struggles with slang and preferred research in the library over shopping?

Growing up, I  made the effort  to be the friend people would want even though the people I befriended didn’t provide me with the friendships I deserved as most of them would take advantage of my generosity for their personal gain. I had conceded to the idea that I just should take what I was given if I ever wanted to have any friends. Looking back it honestly was a subtle form of self-harm (which is not surprising to me given my deliberate self -injury behavior as a teen) that stopped once I met my best friend Jaden* during freshmen year of high school, who really got me out of my shell by encouraging me to  just be myself to the point that started to open up more.

2013 End it Now March Against Abuse and Domestic Violence with 4RWI

Now as an adult friendships are a bit more complicated with the added responsibilities of family and making a living, yet I have found that these mature relationships, especially with women, are more significant as it isn’t about being a part of an “in-crowd” or anything like that, instead it is about  building life-long relationships with purpose. From gaining real world mentoring from the women of 4 Real Women International, INC (4RWI) while working to empower women both in the US and abroad to meeting and collaborating with influencers that I had long admired from my computer, I pretty much a member of quite a few “squads”.  Granted adulting results in people entering different life stages and/or reaching significant milestones at different times that could lead to envy and/or competition, nevertheless, when you meet the right people that is never an issue.
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