Spring Into Summer Refresh

With Spring  finally breaking through what felt like the longest winter ever (not that I am complaining because I actually love the cold),  I have also gone through some changes. For one thing  I finally got my hair cut  after putting it off for a good eight months, even going so far as to get it cut shorter than last year with a brighter shade of red as a highlight accent. As someone who has always had long hair its been quite the adjustment, but I figure its a new year and a new season so I might as well go all in. Warmer temps and new hair got me in a bit of a shopping frenzy, however in an effort to stay on budget, I have made sure that at least some of my new wardrobe additions actually work to refresh some of my favorite pieces that I currently own and challenging myself even more with different kind of looks that I never would have put together before.
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A Day With Mom Featuring ELOQUII

When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day my family tends to celebrate on Saturday instead so that  we can avoid the Sunday crowds and so that my mother can actually use Mother’s Day as a day for her to relax at home. This year, our celebrations were a bit of a washout given the pouring rain that came from the weekend’s Nor’Easter storm. Anyone else would have wanted to call our plans off but my mother wouldn’t hear of it. As far as she was concerned, it was her day and she had new clothes that had to be shown off. So we got dressed and went ahead with our plans. I promised my mother that I wouldn’t interrupt the festivities with my blogging (her words, not mine) so I didn’t. However I did manage to convince her to do a mini shoot before the Uber came to get us.

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ELOQUII 2017 Swimwear Collection Impressions

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the ELOQUII Swim Party celebrating the launch of their first swimwear collection. With a beach themed photo booth, lip stick bar and awesome food it was a fun night that I got to spend with fellow blogger and ELOQUII fans a like. We were all given the chance to shop the suits in person and I have to say that it was truly the most positive swim suit shopping experience I’ve ever had. Each time someone came out of the fitting room everyone cheered as they slayed in front of the photo booth camera  and encouraged them to try on even more pieces.  Continue reading

Chic Pink, & Black With a Hint of Gold

Spring has finally sprung and that means sun, flowers, pastels, and some light layering, well at least it does for me. This year I didn’t get a chance to have some spring fun with my Easter outfit as I was working on some projects last weekend so I figured I should try to bring it to work instead. I’ll admit that until this point I have only had experience working in places with a rigid traditional work dress code so I feel very fortunate to currently work for a company that is a safe space for trying new styles. Ever since I bought this silky pale pink with black polka-dots blouse when I started college nine years ago it has been my go-to spring  work piece that I would normally pair with a blazer and pencil skirt so I decided to give this traditional work outfit a bit of a casual, cute remix. Continue reading

Inside the Dressing Room: Victoria Beckham X Target Review

So this past Sunday was the release of yet another of Targets designer capsule collection, this time by Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice from the Spice Girls. I’ll admit that while I am a 90’s kid I was never was into the Spice Girls so the excitement that most of my friends went through but with all of the hype on social media about the designs also being launched in plus I just had to check it out for myself at my local Target. I only had access to a couple of pieces that survived the initial launch on Sunday and you can check out my thoughts below. Continue reading