Pretty Batty For the Holidays

We’ve finally made it to December and that means that the holiday season is truly upon us. Things may be very different this year but I figured that this shouldn’t really stop any of us from stepping out in style to mark the occasion – even if it done with an alternative and spooky twist.
After all, traditionally Christmas calls for some spooky vibes. I mean there is the often ignored Christmas tradition of telling “scary ghost stories” that is even mentioned in a popular carol; though in everyone’s defense, it is glossed over in a blink and you miss it moment in the song. Anyways,  while this tradition is no longer in the mainstream  we do still have some remnants, like “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, which in essence is a ghost story where the protagonist, Ebenezer Scrooge, is literally scared (to death) by ghosts in order to change his selfish ways. Hence, while it may seem a bit it “out there” or even chaotic by some to do so, mixing in spooky aesthetics with the more “holly jolly” festivities isn’t totally off-brand. That said, historical-nerdiness aside, I can’t take much credit in saying that this concept is what fully inspired this outfit as it actually came together because of multiple online purchases being done at about the same time. Continue reading

V-Day, Me-Day

Five years ago a close friend and I decided to give “us” a try and my first thought that spring was how I finally had someone to go on my “dream date” with. Christmas is the time of year I actually consider to be romantic so when we broke up a couple of months later that summer, not only was I heartbroken that our “relationship” never had a real chance, but being “alone” again meant that  I couldn’t go on that date. For the rest of the year I moped about this. Well, I did until I took myself on the date instead and I found myself loving every minute to it.

This has become a bit of a tradition for me since then, though I have branched out of doing this solely in the month of December. And while I learned that I can enjoy my own company, I love that in the five years since that day I have met people with similar interests that I also can share  experiences with. I also take great care to show them just how much their friendship means to me at every opportunity including Valentine’s day.
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Be Mine

When it comes to Valentine’s Day the immediate thought that comes to mind is the concept of sexy. I’m the kind of person that has never considered myself sexy by any means but I’ve noticed that what women in particular are drawn to is pretty uncomfortable. With the pencil thin heels, and revealing outfits in various shades of red and/or pink. There isn’t any necessarily wrong with that, yet I think being comfy, sexy and cute should always be an option if only to leave your date choices  open to some non-traditional ideas outside of a formal dinner and a movie. For me any potential date, be it for Valentine’s day or otherwise,  would involve a lot of walking since I love playing tourist in the city so in I would definitely reach for this comfy yet cute outfit.

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Rose Red

red as rose

Roll Sleeve Blouse and Quilted Skater Skirt: Fashion to Figure | Bowler bag: ALDO Accessories (similar here) | Heels: Avenue Cloudwalkers (similar here)

Even with my crazy Friday work schedule I managed to sneak in a quick trip to the Fashion to Figure office in the city for their sample sale. This was my first sample sale so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was not disappointed as I got some awesome pieces for a steal. (Fortunately I was hard pressed for time otherwise I probably would have bought everything. $10 for a Boyfriend Blazer Vest?! Mine!)

This black quilted skater skirt is the first one I’ve ever tried on and liked. It is knee length which makes it appropriate enough for work and the pockets make it both functional and practical for more casual wear. The roll sleeve blouse fits as though it was designed specifically for me. The sleeves accommodate my thick arms without any problems and the gold accents just add a level of muted sophistication that make accessorizing unnecessary.

This outfit actually came together at the sale as fellow shoppers suggested that I pair these two pieces together. If there is one thing I can say about plus size fashion events is that you meet some very nice people who genuinely love fashion as much as you do and are quick to give you tips.  I recommend attending one if you can, like the Big Fat Flea or NY Curvy Closet  to see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

This post was not sponsored by Fashion to Figure.