Pretty Batty For the Holidays

We’ve finally made it to December and that means that the holiday season is truly upon us. Things may be very different this year but I figured that this shouldn’t really stop any of us from stepping out in style to mark the occasion – even if it done with an alternative and spooky twist.
After all, traditionally Christmas calls for some spooky vibes. I mean there is the often ignored Christmas tradition of telling “scary ghost stories” that is even mentioned in a popular carol; though in everyone’s defense, it is glossed over in a blink and you miss it moment in the song. Anyways,  while this tradition is no longer in the mainstream  we do still have some remnants, like “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, which in essence is a ghost story where the protagonist, Ebenezer Scrooge, is literally scared (to death) by ghosts in order to change his selfish ways. Hence, while it may seem a bit it “out there” or even chaotic by some to do so, mixing in spooky aesthetics with the more “holly jolly” festivities isn’t totally off-brand. That said, historical-nerdiness aside, I can’t take much credit in saying that this concept is what fully inspired this outfit as it actually came together because of multiple online purchases being done at about the same time.
The first was this glitter bat graphic beret from Witchwood Bags that I asked to be done on red felt instead of the original burgundy. At the time I didn’t give my color choice much thought other than the fact that I just wanted the graphic to really pop. Literally a few days after confirming my custom order, I bought this reversible  harness from Jenny Machete (again in red because I figured that black was “too obvious”) and these bat dangle earrings from Bambooyah‘s Halloween collection. It didn’t hit me until I received everything in the mail that these could all be styled together. The outcome was this preppy holiday-inspired outfit with an edge and spooky twist that I wore to check out the Christmas decorations over at Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. 

This was one of those instances where the outfit I planned in my head worked out even better than I imagined which is funny considering that red is a color that I normally don’t gravitate towards. It is super bold and bright, that it automatically brings attention which in the past would make me cringe but today I take it as a personal challenge for me to accept. 

Also can we talk about this beat for a second? I called on my friend Stephanie of stephora_beats to ask for her professional help with my makeup. 2020 was the year that I wanted to do more editorial-esque looks and, while we are closing in to the end of the year, I was determined to at least get one done. And Stephanie totally delivered. I had one vision but she took one look at my outfit and came up with one that was far better, taking inspo from a look that was done for Rihanna a couple of years ago I believe where the bold eyeshadow blends into the blush with a simple nude lip. Simply amazing. I’ll be sharing the products she used on Instagram so if you’re interested in a more in-depth look at that be sure to keep an eye out on IG for that. 

~Get the look~

Bat Wings with Black Glitter Print Custom Color Beret | Witchwood Bags
Bat with Pale Yellow Moon Dangly Chain Earrings | Bambooyah
Red Machete reversible harness  | ShopJennyMachete
Mock Neck Swing Dress (2x)  | Forever 21+ (old, similar here & here)
Heeled Oxfords |  Old, similar here and here
Double Breasted Longline Blazer (2XL) | SHEIN (similar here)
Leather Open Finger Gloves | SHEIN

What have been your favorite holiday-centric accessories to wear lately? And what holiday activities are you looking to still enjoy with social distance precautions?







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