Be Mine

When it comes to Valentine’s Day the immediate thought that comes to mind is the concept of sexy. I’m the kind of person that has never considered myself sexy by any means but I’ve noticed that what women in particular are drawn to is pretty uncomfortable. With the pencil thin heels, and revealing outfits in various shades of red and/or pink. There isn’t any necessarily wrong with that, yet I think being comfy, sexy and cute should always be an option if only to leave your date choices  open to some non-traditional ideas outside of a formal dinner and a movie. For me any potential date, be it for Valentine’s day or otherwise,  would involve a lot of walking since I love playing tourist in the city so in I would definitely reach for this comfy yet cute outfit.

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A Touch of Pink V-day Glam

As promised here are two more Valentine’s looks. Both looks feature this fuchsia pleated high-low taffeta skirt from Rainbow. Admittedly, Rainbow is a hit or miss as the quality is not consistent and leaves much to be desired, yet last week I was pleasantly surprised to find this well-made piece of formal wear for only $10!  The bold color alone makes a powerful statement, great for that special evening out, be it with your significant other or friends. It is just so elegant and chic that you can’t help but twirl around once you put it on. Take a look.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

Look #1: Girly Edge

Turtle necks and Valentine’s day date to some may seem to be a major contradiction, yet it is truly an effortless way to elevate casual style. This combination of the monochrome jersey fabric stripped turtle neck and fuchsia is a subtle move away from the “traditional” V-day fashion as the colors lean more towards the everyday.  I should note that the turtle neck is very lightweight so it really won’t be much help in keeping you warm though it does give a very stylish silhouette. I kept accessories to a minimum with a vintage gold-tone chain shoulder strap clutch and bow front skinny belt. I can totally see myself wearing this outfit to a dinner out with the girls on Galentine’s Day.

Style notes: Bold color and stripes in the same outfit? I must say breaking two plus size fashion rules at the same time is very gratifying.

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Casual Valentine’s Day Peplum

Being single my plans for Valentine’s day tend to range from being  supremely casual to classy   so I decided that this year I would cover both kinds of activities. So for the next week I will be featuring some affordable Valentine’s day outfit inspo, starting with this first look  that is perfect for a casual shopping date, bowling, or even karaoke.

20160127_145602 (2)I don’t know about you, but I am still not ready to let go of peplum. The cinched waist of a peplum top is like wearing a fit and flare skater dress that is so versatile as it  can easily be paired with pants or skirts. It is this fact that drew me to this Bongo Junior’s Plus ribbed knit peplum sweater as it was a new take on an already classic piece. My fall/winter wardrobe vastly outweighs my spring/summer wardrobe for reasons I have already discussed on the blog. What can I say? I love knits, just as much as I love the winter cold. So considering the number of sweaters I already own, I really didn’t need to add to my collection, but the uniqueness of this piece stayed with me even after I left the store and shared it on Instagram that I just had to return to Sears to pick it up a couple days later.  Continue reading

V-day Neutral

vday bct

Dolman cold sleeve blouse : Avenue | Plaid belted pencil skirt: Dressbarn  | Taupe wedges: Avenue

Valentine’s day is all about love in general, not just romantic love. Though I’ll admit that sometimes I get a bit down at the fact that another Valentine’s day had come and I don’t have a Valentine to call my own but I always remember that I have a great family and awesome friends that I love and cherish. So I spent yesterday at church for the most part with said loved ones. It was the most relaxing way to spend the day, which considering the absolute craziness of the week I had, was a major payoff.  I didn’t have a date and I actually didn’t miss it. (I did miss the chocolate though but I will be getting some on sale today. Yay!)  More than anything I think  its more important to love yourself. You don’t have to dress up for someone, dress up for yourself! Pull out that awesome dress and heels. Be it on Valentine’s day or everyday, celebrate you!

Outfit notes: Though many people I know put down major dollars towards an actual Valentine’s Day outfit, I consider that unnecessary (unless you have plans for an evening out at some ritzy place, then by all means go for it). For my V-day outfit this year I used pieces I already owned in a new way. The cream dolman sleeve blouse was something I got by chance a little more than two years ago at the Avenue liquidation sale at their former  Queens Place store. It it one of the most comfortable and flattering formal-wear pieces I own. As for the plum and taupe plaid belted skirt, it was the only “new” piece I used, by which I mean it was a recent purchase but by no means “new” as it was part of Dressbarn’s fall collection. It is so far my favorite purchase of the year being that it flatters my figure and accents the smallest part of my waist. The plum and taupe plaid pattern criss-crosses  in such a way that a gave it a warm burgundy feel. This month makes people think of red, and pink so my neutral colored outfit may not scream Valentine’s day but I felt great in it. Self love and confidence trumps everything!