The Big 2 – 5 (Part 1)

So this weekend I turn 25 and  I figured it would be fitting to have some fun with my pre-birthday church outfit. For a while now I have been on the hunt for a white top for a “en blanc” event this month and found this body suit from Fashion to Figure. Since its ivory it doesn’t fit the bill for that event but I bought it anyway because I loved the style and fit. This is the first time I have ever worn a body suit and I can say that having tried it, I will definitely be wearing another one very soon. (I can’t begin to explain how comfortable and stylish this piece is!)

I decided to pair the body suit with this lilac Youtheary Khmer skater skirt that has been in my closet just waiting to be worn since I bought it last summer at the Pop Up Plus sale last summer. The combination was confused for a dress by everyone which to me means that it works really well. It should come as no surprise that I am already looking for an excuse to wear this again.

25 blog

You know you look good when your brother compliments your outfit.

25 blog2

25 blog3

Biltmore Body Suit – Fashion To Figure | Youtheary Khmer Ribbon Skater Skirt – Pop Up Plus (similar herehere and here) | Shoes – Payless (similar here)

Style note: What I like most about this outfit is the fact that even though it is a midi skirt,  it is technically a mini skirt.  The  alternating sheer and ribbon bottom shows enough leg without it being distasteful which is proof that  you CAN be sexy while being fully clothed. 


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