Birthday Shopping Recon at Lane Bryant with Christian Siriano Collection Review

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook know that earlier this month was my 26th birthday. Celebrations this year have been very low-key, with some exceptions of course and most of this has to do with the craziness that has become my schedule in preparation for a couple of events that I am volunteering my time and skills to help execute. That said, the day of my birthday I found myself in Long Island doing some fashion recon at Lane Bryant.20160503_141000Of course the original reason behind my trip to LB was to check out the highly anticipated Christian Siriano collection. Unfortunately the Lane Bryant location I visited did not have many pieces from the collection in my size so I only got to try two pieces out of the four I wanted to try, though I made up for it by trying on some additional pieces that caught my eye, so check it out below!1.) Shirtdress by Christian Siriano (Size 18)


After watching the fitting room video by Shainna from A Thick Girl’s Closet,  I sized up to an 18. This dress has no stretch to it and while it did “fit,” I found it to be a little too snug for my comfort.  I wanted to like this dress, I really did, but I found that the end result made me look very boxy even with the belted waist though it could be due to my petite stature. I will say this, the jacquard fabric is truly  gorgeous and of a nice quality so if you’re looking for a white dress and you’re taller than 5’3″ (my height) this is definitely a piece that is worth the splurge.

2.) Organza Plaid Circle Skirt by Christian Siriano (Size 18)

organza cirlce skirt 3This skirt deserves the hype it has been getting.  It is everything that you would want in a skirt – a unique print (in this case being a twist on plaid), movement and a flattering fit  (it has a thick non-slip elastic waist band).   Again, given my height I don’t think I do the skirt justice though I believe that can easily be remedied with some nice pumps. organza cirlce skirt 2Like with the skirt dress, I recommend sizing up as the bottom layer is a knee length pencil skirt-type liner. It is also available in black, but  I surprisingly prefer it in white. Black is one of my favorite colors yet in the case of this skirt, the black color seems to add a bit of weight and maturity to it. No matter which color you choose, there is such a versatile playful elegance to this skirt that easily makes it a necessary special occasion-wear piece to have.

3.) Cold-shoulder Day Dress (Size 14/16)

pink day dress

The hot pink color and jersey fabric immediately drew me to this dress. While the material is so cozy and light, the smocked waist did nothing for me. The way it hung on me made me thing that this is something I would use more as a swim suit cover up than as an actual “day dress.” I will say that I did like the drawstring ruched cold-shoulder sleeve as it allows you to adjust it to your liking.

4.) Lace Overlay Shell Top (Size 16)

lace overly top pics

One of the first things I saw on display on a shelf as soon as I entered the store was this top with the side drawstrings tied in a bow on the front which I replicated when I tried it on. It is such a simple yet sexy piece. Yes, I said sexy. I mean do you see what this empire waist and v-neck combo does for my bust? Anyway,  the layered mixed medium fabrics and prints  just comes together in such a very unique and unexpected way. I am happy to say that this piece made its way to my closet that very day and I can’t wait to share how I style it on the blog in a couple of days.

5.) Cropped Eyelet Shell Top (Size 16)

20160503_134745 (2)

This top and I have a very interesting history. I got a chance to see it in store before it was put up online and I just loved the layered front panel sides as it is an interesting twist to an otherwise standard spring eyelet blouse. However, I decided against even trying it on once I found out it was a crop top. I have a short torso so usually crop tops just fit me like a regular top would or end up making me look very stout. Yet once I saw how great it looked on Darlene from Suits, Heels and Curves, I knew I had to try it on.  And I am so glad I did because  here is a  crop top that actually fits me like one. I should note that this top does not have a liner and is a bit sheer. While you can wear a cami underneath to make up for the slight sheer and eyelet openings but I strongly believe that a nude or white color bra should provide enough coverage especially for those incoming warmer days. (While I tried on a size 16 in store I ended up purchasing an 18 only to ensure that would not be as fitted across my chest. #Bustygirlproblems)

Have you checked out the Christian Siriano collection at Lane Bryant? What piece is your favorite? What other spring trends and pieces do you have your eyes and wallets set on from Lane Bryant?  Let me know in the comments.



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