Full Figured Fashion Week – Day 3*

The Full Figured Fashion Week adventures continued with the Celebrate My Size Expo. This event a sneak peek at fall collections, and sample sales from brands like Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Yona New York and Courtney Noelle. With samples sales, contests and photo ops/networking with other bloggers, this was the highlight of my FFFWeek experience thus far.


Latina plus size bloggers FTW! Got the chance to meet the wonderful Suzanne of SustyleTV. I have been following her since I started the blog last year. Definitely check her out on Instagram.



Plus size model, Christina Mendez and I on the Ashley Stewart red carpet.

In addition to meeting the plus size icons I follow and admire, this expo was great as it gave me the chance to shop brands that I have only seen online as well as introduce me to some new lines I didn’t even know about. Check out my five favorites below.

1.) Boots by Pamela

20160616_114651Ok so if there is one thing that I have always wanted in my closet ever since I was a kid it is over-the-knee boots. I don’t know if it is due to my obsession love of Sailor Moon (whose fighting costume included such boots) or just the incredible chic-ness of this particular style of boot, but it has been my dream item. However, my wide calves made the search so frustrating to the point that I had resigned myself to the fact that this hole in my closet, that I desperately wanted filled, would remain empty.  So it should come as no surprise that I  was beyond thrilled find out about Boots by Pamela. With different styles and textiles, Pamela has something for everyone. Make sure to check her out, I know I will be putting in an order (or two) very soon.

2.) Hannah Caroline Couture
20160616_120250Hannah Olson of Hannah Caroline Couture is simply amazing. I was immediately drawn to her Multi-Way Rosette blush pink gown from her bridal collection. (For those of you who don’t know, pink is one of my favorite colors.) Complete with detachable rosette skirt and cascading details on the train, this is an amazing dress for the non-traditional bride or even for those of us with upcoming formal events. Also I should mention, all of her pieces can be customized to whatever color and sleeve-type you want! With prices $1,050.00 and under, HCCBridal is definitely budget friendly.

3.) Bandelettes
20160616_121039 20160616_121045One of my friends has been trying to get me to try Bandelettes for the longest time. Being someone who always wears pettipants under every dress and skirt I wear, I really haven’t had too much trouble with hot-weather chafing or cub rub yet their length tends to limit the types of dresses I can wear. I got to speak to one of Julia of Bandelettes, who immediately measured me on the show floor and so I now have my first pair. As you can tell from the above image of this beautiful model, these are both sexy and functional. I can’t wait to try them out this summer. 

4.) The Shoe-B20160616_121506A clutch that can expand to hold your shoes! Just let that sink in.  And they come in leather with awesome prints. The Shoe-B is the must-have accessory because it keeps your look classy even after changing into your comfy flats. BEST. IDEA. EVER!

5.) ASK Fashion
20160616_121527 20160616_130219The ASK Fashion table was the very first table I encountered once I entered the expo show floor. The designer, Amanda clearly has been into my head, creating pieces that my made my metal head heart soar. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, she designs and hand-makes all of the kick ass pieces in her collection.  I wanted to buy everything on the spot, so I should be commended for my self control. She also has a line of plus size jackets in the works called Rose Riot. Though the actual launch date is TBD, she did show me some of the upcoming designs and I must say that I will be saving up to make an immediate purchase once the line goes live.

As for my outfit, I chose to go business casual as I had to run from the expo to a meeting with the nonprofit I am currently freelancing for.  I should pause to say that this total outfit only cost $50 in total. I got this top for $2 and the flats were $5 at Torrid! Budget friendly tip of the week – Always check the clearance section for hidden gems and keep your haute cash and rewards at hand. You never know how much you can save when you combine those with the current sales in store. I styled the look down with these printed NYDJ ankle jeans. For some added color I put on my NYX Creamy Lipstick in chaos red.


~Get the look~

Black Chiffon Empire Ruffle Top| Torrid (similar here)
Blue Audrey Rose Print Ankle Jeans| NYDJ via Housing Works (old)
Zipper Detail Flats | Torrid (similar here)

Keep a look out for updates on my FFFweek  and Curvy Con adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

*Although this was really the fifth day of FFFweek, this was the third event I attended.

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