Spring Into Summer Refresh

With Spring  finally breaking through what felt like the longest winter ever (not that I am complaining because I actually love the cold),  I have also gone through some changes. For one thing  I finally got my hair cut  after putting it off for a good eight months, even going so far as to get it cut shorter than last year with a brighter shade of red as a highlight accent. As someone who has always had long hair its been quite the adjustment, but I figure its a new year and a new season so I might as well go all in. Warmer temps and new hair got me in a bit of a shopping frenzy, however in an effort to stay on budget, I have made sure that at least some of my new wardrobe additions actually work to refresh some of my favorite pieces that I currently own and challenging myself even more with different kind of looks that I never would have put together before.
This teal floral lace crop top is actually one of the first pieces I ever bought as a blogger a little over two years ago and its become a stand out piece from my “blogger vault” as my brother likes to call the other half of my closet. I have received many compliments when I dress this piece up with my favorite chambray dress, yet I haven’t actually worn it as a stand-alone crop top. I am body positive and actively speak against the very idea of the so-called “fashion rules,” however I have modest values  so when it comes to crop tops I look for creative ways to wear this kind of trend. For this look I paired it with this sunshine yellow double layer cami that I had been eyeing  for a while now. I wanted a chic yet comfy look so dressed it down with a pair of relaxed fit boyfriend jeans and my new white Adidas sneakers (a.k.a. my birthday splurge for this year).
My favorite thing about this outfit is how bright it is as well as how well the colors come together. I tend to stay far away from white and yellow because those colors draw a lot of attention without really trying which I’m finding I don’t have much of a problem with anymore. Here’s to shining like the sun this spring!

~Get the look~

Jazz Teal Lace Crop Top (2X) | Youtheary Khmer
Double Layered Chiffon Cami (Size 1) | Torrid
Lee’s Relax Fit Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans | JCPenney (similar here and here)
Adidas Superstar Casual Sneakers | Macy’s

How do you rock the crop? Are there any spring/summer  trends you are challenging yourself to try?


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