Changing Seasons

I thought for the longest time about what my final post of the year would be. Originally I thought it would be a collab with one of my blogger babes, Brooke and Jonquel, but then I changed my mind to doing another OOTD. I mean this is primarily a fashion blog after all. But then something happened that made me think about the concept of change and letting go which I find to be very fitting as we are about to enter a new year.

Of all things the things that helped me truly grasp this concept was a recent coat purchase. I know that may seem like a superfluous thing, but hear me out.I had a charcoal gray wool coat ever since the winter before I entered college back in 2007. I was 17 and a senior in high school when my mother purchased it since I kept complaining about having a puff ski jacket. I felt it was too bulky and made me look bigger than I was willing to be. This coat would become the one I used daily for all 10 winters that followed. (I should note that I do own and use other coats – a long special occasion coat, my emerald textured coat, which is usually reserved for church, a ruffle-front fitted coat, and of course my vintage cape). It was just super warm, and had a bit of a preppy edge  that I liked so much at the time. Each year I would play around with the idea of replacing it but I always refused because as far as I was concerned the one I had was just fine.

In time it began falling apart,  and, by the time it reached the 8/9 year mark, not even keeping me warm. I would patch up the holes being  only for new ones to tear into the sleeves and inner lining  which I would then take great effort to cover the best I could. A reasonable person may ask, “Why hold onto something that isn’t doing anything for you?” Needless to say it got to the point that I was in denial about said coat. I refused to let it go because I was comfortable having something familiar in my closet but more to it,  I was convinced that nothing better could be found (and that the money could be better spent elsewhere).

The same thing could be said for things like toxic friendships and relationships. There are things in our lives that we just need to let go of or change/replace because they are simply no longer working and holding on to them will just end up either causing harm or limiting personal growth. And like me with my coat, replacing it was symbolic of me actively acknowledging that there is something better out there for me.

Funny enough this new Laundry by Shelli Segal coat* is very similar to my old one, but more refined. For one, it still has the double-breasted button detail on the front, however, this time it is an embossed military style button set. Moreover, it has a tailored structure to it even with the skirted hem while also having some stretch so I can move comfortably even when wearing a thick sweater underneath it. Overall it is a major upgrade which is quite fitting. 2017 was the year that I took risks, from cutting my hair to the shortest length I’ve ever done, going out with a strapless bra for the first time, to playing up with my edgy side that I tend to keep to myself for fear of being judged. I’m learning that little changes can bring great rewards and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring.

~Get the look~

Forest Green Double-Breasted Skirted Peacoat (XXL)  | Macy’s (similar in plus size here)
Charcoal Jersey Infinity Scarf | Bobeau via Curvy Con Swag Bag (similar here)
Super Stretch Skinny Jean (Size 14P)  | Lane Bryant
Thrasher Combat Boots | Payless
Striped Convertible Mittens | Afaze (old, similar here)
Knit Pom Beret | Bolton’s (old, similar here)

* Style  notes : This branded jacket is only sold exclusively at Macy’s. While the plus size coat of the same style is sold out online, you can definitely check your local Macy’s location as I’ve heard they do have a couple left in stores. I did get the coat in a straight size XXL because I found that 1X to have sleeves that were too long for my petite frame. I did have to move the top button to accommodate for my bust line but other than that the fit was more than fine.

Thanks to everyone that supported the blog this year. I’m so happy and humbled that I have the chance to share my style, my shopping tips and most importantly, share my body/self love journey with you all. I’m looking forward what 2018 holds for me and this blog so stay tuned!

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year! See you in 2018!

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