V-Extra for V-day

It may be because I’ve been re-reading old chapters of Lore Olympus on Webtoon, but when it came to thinking about Valentine’s day this year the only thing that would come to mind is Persephone. For those of your who may be able unfamiliar with Classical Mythology, Persephone is known to be a Goddess of adaptation being that she is both the Goddess of Spring and, due to her marriage to Hades, Queen of the Underworld. So with her contradictory nature and role, we have the light and feminine along with the dark and edgy, all in one.For me this train of thought wasn’t about recreating a look from the aforementioned webcomic (though I really want to for Comic Con one day), but rather give myself a chance to be “extra” just for the hell of it which doesn’t happen too often.

Of course styling an outfit inspired by a literal queen basically calls for some drama that lends itself for some sophistication. So with that in mind, I figured why not just go for some extravagant sleeves? I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has been told that being plus size means that I shouldn’t wear puff sleeves because it makes us look bigger and boxy a.k.a.  “not flattering.” But fashion rules were made to be broken so I totally ignored that thought and went along with this this black and white stripe puff sleeve dress. I decided to wear the dress backwards to have the buttons face the front as it adds some more interest than the plain front and its elastic neckline. Cinched with a thin black belt, the sleeves became more pronounced, just like I had hoped, and I toped everything up with my new Scala hat, my lace gloves and a choker. I think all together I managed to hit some major Persephone-vibes.

~Get the look~

 COLLUSION Stripe Puff Mini Smock Dress (Size 16) | ASOS *
Black Scala Wool Felt Festival Round Crown Hat – Fabia | c/o Tenth Street Hats
Rose Lucet Cord Choker Necklace | House of Mars NYC

*Style Note: This dress is currently on sale in the ASOS outlet for 60% off its original price so get it while you can! Also I highly recommend sizing down for this one. Given the size and cut of the sleeves you have more than enough room if you’re busty like I am.

Are you going to be “extra” this Valentine’s day? (Also have you read Lore Olympus? Its honestly my favorite webcomic at the moment and I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.)

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