She’s All Hat

When it comes to listing basics that everyone should have in their closet, I feel like hats get thrown to the wayside. Which is kind of sad considering how it’s a versatile accessory that not only can keep your head warm on those cold days, but also makes a statement in a subtle way. And yes, I find it funny how I’m saying this considering the fact that I was not much of a hat person to begin with. Of course this changed once I got my halo fedora and my wide brim floppy sun hat, both of which I primarily wear for fashion not for function.

So as you can expect I was super excited to get this new hat from Tenth Street Hats for review. Sure this new wool crown hat is my fourth black hat in my growing collection, yet there is nothing wrong with having more than one nice  stylish hat, especially one like this that doesn’t block people’s view should anyone be sitting behind me.

*This is a post sponsored by Tenth Street Hats and features gifted product I selected.*

My favorite thing about this wool crown hat is that unlike my black fedora this hat has an upturn brim which just adds a level of sophistication for a feminine look, but also works well for street style. Though this is not to say that it can’t be styled down or edged up as you can see. It is a timeless, yet modern style that can fit in with most aesthetics without seeming forced. This is now my second Tenth Street hat and I have to say that I am impressed by the high quality of their product that is also affordable and budget friendly. And if you’re worried about sizing like I was, don’t be. The Tenth Street Hats site allows you to shop based on your measurements and in the case of the one-size-fits-most hats like the Scala, you can adjust the width of the hat by pulling the inner drawstring. Plus, the quality is INCREDIBLE! The thick fabric is sturdy and won’t bend or deform.


Looking to add some hats into your closet? Well I’ve got some good news. Today is National Hat day,  and so Tenth Street Hats is having a BOGO Sale. That’s two designer hats for the price of one! You can check out their winter collection here.

~Get the look~

Black Scala Wool Felt Festival Round Crown Hat – Fabia | c/o Tenth Street Hats*

Styling Notes: This hat is also available in taupe and navy.

Have you incorporated hats into your closet? What are are your favorite hat styles and where do you get them from?

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