Disney-ween 2020

One of the things I had planed for Halloween content this year was a series of closet cosplay and some vampire-inspired fashion. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused major delays in shipping  and most of the items I bought actually wouldn’t make it to me in time for Spooky Season.

So my plans shifted a bit and I decided to still style some looks based on an entirely different theme – Disney! As a 90s kid, obviously I’m a major Disney fan, particularly of their animated features and I thought this would be a great way to have some fun with fashion and fandom. I challenged myself to style these two outfits with items I already own so I’ve made a point to include links to similar products just in case you wish to recreate either look this Halloween or just for cosplay at a later date. If you like these, be sure to head over to my IG for some more DIY Disney-inspired costumes/cosplay I’m sharing this week. 

Snow White

This first look is a recreation of a costume I once owned which is what inspired me to do this project to begin with. Snow White is one of the first Disney films I recall ever watching as a child and I loved it enough to ask my mother to get me the costume to wear when I was 5 years old. My father even organized a photo shoot session in our house, complete with a plain blanket backdrop,  that year for me to model the costume. I remember just having so much fun being a princess for a day and wanting to look perfect.

Clearly not much has changed in the 25 years since, hahaha.

Originally I had planned to wear this outfit with a blue blazer as a way of bringing Snow White to adulthood in the 21st century, however I changed my mind once I remembered I had this ruched sleeve knit top.  The sleeves are more reminiscent of the puff sleeves of Snow White’s dress in the film and I believe add a bit of whimsy when layered over this sleeveless top and the rose lucet cord choker.  Snow White is pretty easy as long as you get the colors right and they are so bright you’re guaranteed to get noticed. I got so many compliments for this look just walking around with my friend as we took these pictures on the color combination alone. 

~Get the look~

INC International Concepts Ruched Sleeve Knit Top (1X) |  Macy’s  (similar here)
Sleeveless Button-down Top  (2X) | Dia&Co  (similar here)
Pleated Midi Skirt (18)  | ELOQUII (similar here)
Rose Lucet Cord Choker Necklace | House of Mars NYC
Metallic Pointed Ballet Flats |  Kohl’s (similar here)

Briar Rose

I’ll be honest, Sleeping Beauty is not a film I particularly like for its protagonists, but I do favor the villain a lot. I had plans of actually giving my own interpretation of the “Mistress of all Evil” but after I found this blouse in my closet I got inspired to shift my attention to Briar Rose instead. Briar Rose being the alias of Princess Aurora when she was in hiding with the three fairies.

I like to think that Briar Rose was more of a rebel than is shown in the film, so I figured I should add a hint of edge to this look with a plaid skirt instead of a solid muted purple like she wears in the film, this denim corset and, of course, combat boots. I also added this necklace from the All Hallow’s Eve collection from The Crypt of Curiosities. I actually removed the cross that hangs from the rose to keep within the theme of Briar Rose specifically, though looking back I could have kept it since the Sleeping Beauty film is set during Medieval Times.  I really love how this look ended up and I can actually see myself wearing this as a regular outfit outside of Halloween. 

~Get the look~

Crinkled Fabric Balloon Sleeve Top |  Vintage (similar here and here)
Purple Plaid Flared Twill Skirt (Size 2) | Torrid  (similar here)
Denim Corset Top (2X)  | Forever 21+ (similar here and here)
Zoe Combat Boot |  Lane Bryant  (similar here
Velvet Padded Headband |  Forever 21 (similar here

Did you buy a costume this year or did you go the DIY route like I did? Also how are you planning on spending this Halloween? 









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