Sally’s Song – Halloween 2020

Though I consider myself to be a huge fandom nerd I’ve noticed that I prefer making  up costumes out of things I already own or I buy things that I can incorporate into regular outfits over buying costumes. I guess it could be considered “subtle representation of fandom.” This was the kind of reasoning that made me buy this dress back in September. 

Sure, using a printed graphic dress like this may be cheating a bit when it comes to Halloween costume standards (if there are any), but it was comfortable and easy to accessorize, whichI did with this headband and fishnet crop top. Honestly the strongest point of this whole look may actually my makeup, which I’m very proud of given my very limited skill.  (For details on the make up products and brands I used be sure to check out my first reels on Instagram!)

It was more chilly today than most Halloweens past so I did have to through on my trusty crop leather jacket but thankfully this didn’t take away from this look. I have. been playing around with the  idea of layering a lilac turtleneck sweater over this t-shirt dress so that I can wear it into late-fall/early-winter so stay tuned for that, as I will be sharing that outfit very soon. 

~Get the look~

Sally T-shirt Dress (Size 1) |  HotTopic  (similar here and here)
NBC “Not the One” Headband | Backstitch Bruja 
Black Fishnet Long Sleeve Under-It-All Crop Top (Size 1)  | Torrid (similar here)
Grommet-Embellished Canvas Belt | Forever 21
Hair Makeup – Ruby | Curl Smith

I hope you all have a great Halloween. It may look a little different this year but there is still a lot of fun to be had. As I post this I have some Halloween cookies baking in the oven and have some vampire documentaries queued up to watch with the family.  Tis the (spooky) season!


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