A Caged Heart (feat. Black Thorn LA)

I’ve mentioned this before but I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. No, it’s not because I’m one of those “bitter single people,” I just find Christmas to be more romantic. (Maybe Hallmark is partially to blame for this, but who knows.) Although I must admit that being a chocoholic I do look forward to all the V-day chocolate so that’s something at least.

So as you can imagine rather than celebrate this “holiday” in the traditional sense, I tend to use it as an excuse to dress up in theme-inspired outfits, as well as a moment to treat myself. This year I’m combined the two and decided to  get myself something from a brand I’ve been wanting to try since they launched back in 2018 – Black Thorn LA.

Black Thorn LA is an alternative/spooky loungewear and sleepwear brand that carries both straight and plus size options, up to size 3X. It is also very affordable, as most of their products are $50 and under, however, this isn’t even the best part. No the best part is that both the straight and plus size pieces are priced the same! I just had to point that out because this is simply unheard of especially when it comes to plus size alternative fashion.  (And just in case you’re still looking for some alternative Valentine’s day “nightwear” definitely check out their plus size lingerie collection. They have some great pieces available including body suits, robes, bralettes and more.)

Needless to say I found it very hard to only pick one item from their amazing selection (sure, I’m no longer in debt but I’m still on a strict budget) yet my the Caged Heart Lounge Top immediately caught my eye so that it.  This thermal waffle knit top is has an oversize fit and fitted sleeves. The textured weave is cushy with an ultra-soft feel which is great for lounging at home while also warm enough that you can totally throw this on to head outside. And can we talk about this rib cage heart embroidery? It is the right balance of creepy and cute which I love so much. I’ve worn this a couple of times to low key meetings as I work from home and this detail was a major conversation starter.

Close up of embroidered heart rib cage.

Seeing as how Valentine’s day is on a Sunday this year, on a three-day weekend no less,  I feel like its very fitting to have a more laidback outfit like this one to encourage some relaxation vibes. I currently don’t have any real plans for the day but I’m thinking it will be a great day to kick back, reread an old fav while munching on some chocolate snacks and this outfit is just right for the occasion.

Cozy sweater, vampire novels and Japanese V-day themed chocolate treats – what more do you need?

As I actively continue to grow my  loungewear collection,  I  plan on adding the  Pumpkin Queen Bra Top and the Pumpkin Squad Tunic Dress so that will probably make its way to my cart very soon. I mean, a girl has to keep her love of Halloween alive in some way once spring arrives, might as well be with something cozy and spoopy.

~Get the look~

Caged Heart – Plus Lounge Top  (1X) |  Black Thorn LA*
FILA Vivi Liquid Leggings (14/16) | Dia&Co (similar here and here)
JIASUQI Open Toe  Criss Cross Furry Slides Slippers | Amazon

*Style note: If you haver larger upper arms you may want to consider sizing up if you want a looser fit in the sleeve as they are quite fitted. 

Have you shopped Black Thorn LA yet? Are you dressing up or down for Valentine’s Day this year?  Even if you don’t have a significant other to celebrate with,  keep in mind that there is still fun to be had.

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