Haunted Attractions

I LOVE Halloween and spooky season but I’m not a huge fan of haunted houses, as in the ones that involve costumed actors jumping from dark corners often armed with something like a knife, a hammer or worse, a chainsaw. I also dont really enjoy any slasher horror films that feature antagonists that inspire/influence the themes present on those performance-based haunted houses.

Vampires, werewolves, witches and actual ghosts are more my cup of tea. So I’l tend to decline invites to the aforementioned popular Halloween season pastime in favor of actual haunts. Living in New York gives me a greater access to such places as we have our fair share of haunted sites. Some are either still in regular use, be it as a museum or even as a restaurant, and others have since been abandoned and left behind as historic landmarked ruins.

The Small Pox Hospital on Roosevelt Island is reportedly one of the most haunted places in New York City, though I have yet to witness any paranormal activities for myself the few times I’ve managed to make my way here. Because of how unstable the structure is, the hospital is not open for the public to tour but you can get a pretty decent view through the gates that surround it; which I feel adds to the creepy and ominous vibes.

I figured that in keeping with the aesthetic of the abandoned hospital, I should dress the part for my visit. It was more or less an excuse to break out these Halloween-themed tights I ordered back in August when the Snag Tights collection dropped.

Although I bought this dress for summer goth use, I also loved the fall-transition potential it had, giving me a chance to play with some layering. Like with a mesh top as I did here so that it looks as though it is one piece. Admittedly this effect would have probably looked better with a high neckline instead of a scoop neck, but I think it works well enough. Together with some pointy witch-like boots and a coffin clutch we have a dressy casual look perfect for visiting some haunted ruins.

I should note though, as much as I love the fit and graphic of these tights, there was one downside that I hadn’t considered during the flurry of excitement when I placed my order – the glitter. It flakes off with every step that you take and gets on everything when you take them off. Currently I have them folded inside-out in my sock draw in hopes that this keeps the glitter at bay. This was my first Snag tights purchase and even with this “issue,” it definitely won’t be my last because the fit and quality are top notch.

I also managed to get my hands on the highly coveted ” Hallow-queen” tights that have a more celestial inspired design which are covered in gold glitter. I’m a bit worried about the glitter spread with that one as it may be harder to hide but I hope to feature them in another (non-Halloween inspired) fall outfit very soon.

~Get the look~

Ruffle Off Shoulder Button Front Dress (Size 16) | SHEIN (similar here and here)
Long sleeve mesh crop top (Size 1) | Torrid (old, similar here)
Opaque Tights – Spidysense (Size E) | Snag Tights

How are you spending this Halloween weekend? Are you a fan of “haunted” houses or HAUNTED houses?

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