Big Sweater Energy

Last year I spotted an oversized black and white stripe cardigan on my Instagram feed and fell in love with it. It was just too perfect for those crisp, cool fall days leading into the chill of winter. Unfortunately by the time I learned about this cardigan’s existence it was sold on the Hot Topic website. That is until this summer when it reappeared in two different color palettes along with a plaid knit option; I immediately added one to my cart.

Was it weird to order this in the middle of July? Definitely. But I regret nothing because this is sooo cozy.

I actually debated as to whether or not I should size down because I knew it was oversized,  yet I found myself selecting my size (HT Plus Size 1) instead to ensure that the fit would be oversized on me not thinking about how huge it would end up being. They seriously weren’t kidding when they said “oversized,” but my brother convinced me to keep it because of all the “fall sweater weather cozy” vibes which is all I really want.

The best thing about this kind of piece is that it can be styled to be casual, sporty, dressy and even professional. The oversize fit it, the stripe design and the classic cardigan silhouette offers many different options when it comes to styling this piece and I’ve had a lot of fun coming up with a few. Here are three outfits that I styled with this one cardigan for some fall (into winter) style inspiration. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.

Disclaimer: While this specific cardigan seems to no longer be in stock I have included some similar options for you below to consider just in case you’re looking to trying this trend for yourself.

Look # 1: Oversized Cardigan Dress

I’m not going to lie, I bought this piece simply to wear it this way. I love  and own more traditional sweater dresses so I figured that this was a fun way to put a twist to this style. If you prefer something that is a bit more form-fitting you can always size down or simply add a belt like I did to define your waist. Layer some necklaces and add some heels or booties and you’re set.

Although I stuck to just wearing some basic black tights underneath, this would also look great with some graphic tights, fishnets or fleece-lined leggings, which would also give you some extra warmth for when it is a bit too cold outside. Simple, comfy, and chic – the best kind of cold weather fashion.

Look #2 : Cardigan Duster

With its striking black and purple stripes this cardigan just screams “alternative style,” so I knew that I simply had to incorporate a graphic or band tee.  It being the holiday season, I ultimately decided to go with my new PlusHii Kawaii Nightmare Before Christmas graphic crop tee.

This was also the perfect excuse to pull out my new Jack Skellington clip on earrings.

When it comes  to mix print layering, even with graphic tees, the rule of thumb is to go with something that has a shared color to tie a look together. In this case I went with black matching the black design with the stripes of the cardigan to go with my trusty black skinny jeans, converse sneakers and layered necklaces.

I keep this outfit pretty casual but as a duster I can totally see this dressed up with a black turtleneck top, a belt, some silver accessories and maybe even an updo hairstyle, like a bun. Oversized cardigans like this one can basically be seen as a stylish alternative to the winter coat for those times when it may be too warm for it, after all global warming and Indian summers are totally a thing so might as well play with style in this way.

Look #3: Twist Front Hi-Lo Action

Sunglasses | Heeled Hiker Boots (similar)

Fall date outfit anyone? I will admit that while I haven’t been putting much effort into dating in the last two years, the first thought that came to mind when I styled this outfit was how it would make a great date look. It makes for an almost effortless outfit that is definitely a bit more daring compared to my usual date outfits in that it shows a some skin through the sheer mesh bodysuit I layered underneath. I created this twist effect on the front by buttoning the top button down and bringing the second button up to the top.

Close up of twist front.

Looking back this is giving me some boho 70’s vibes so I’d probably add a hat and my faux suede fringe handbag to lean into that aesthetic a bit more next time. Given the weight of this knitted cardigan this is also a great opportunity to incorporate light weight fabrics like mesh and lace for some play on textures. I need to dig a bit through storage but I plan on trying this look again with a denim skirt, my high neck lace top and some over the knee boots.

When it comes to trends like this one the options are endless for styling so get creative and make this trend your own. I’m currently thinking up of ways I can incorporate this cardigan for a corporate goth look. It’s been a long time since many of us have been working from an office but I believe that most of us that had office jobs can relate to the need for having a cardigan for those days when the air conditioning would be on full blast during the summer.

Back when I worked in-office I had 3 that hung at the back of my chair since I wanted to make sure whichever cardigan I wore for such occasions would somehow match with my outfit. Yes, I am that extra. Anyway, I’ll be sharing that look on Instagram soon so be sure to be following me there to check that out.

That meaning said, this specific oversized cardigan has been sold out since this summer if you can believe that but here are a few affordable options I’ve found online that would be great additions to your closet.

Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

Have you given the oversize trend a try?  How would you would style this piece? 

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